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Alumni from North America and the Caribbean

Below you will find the profiles of alumni from North American and the Caribbean listed alphabetically by country. Click on the links below to jump to alumni profiles from each country.

Canada United States of America



Programme: MSc Politics and Government in the EU, 2008

Current Position: Associate, Top 4 UK Accounting Firm

After a two-year work experience in London with a UK based international charity, I studied at the European Institute where I was actively involved in student activities and made good friends with people in my programme, most of whom I still see once a year for a class reunion in Brussels. Following my studies at LSE, I worked in the UK Civil Service for a while before moving onto a position in Public Sector Assurance for one of the major UK accounting firms. 

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United States of America


Adam W

Programme: MSc City Design and Social Science, 2010

Current Position: Co-Founder, Atlas Workshops

After graduating from LSE I moved back to Boston where I founded an international research and design firm called Groupshot where I have been working on technology and social enterprises globally with a focus in Kenya. Recently I founded an educational project-driven travel company called Atlas Workshops and continue my consulting work on the side.

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Programme: General Course, 2009

Current Position: Managing Partner of Analyze Capital LLC

After leaving LSE I have finished my economics degree in New York. Since then, I have been managing and developing a global hedge fund management firm.

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Programme: MSc Public Policy, 2006

Current Position: Executive Director, Nevada Assembly Democratic Caucus, Las Vegas

Since graduating from the LSE, I have started a career in American politics. I started working in the swing state of Iowa, ran the Iowa Caucuses, and have since moved to Las Vegas, Nevada where I am currently the Executive Director of the Assembly Democrats.

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Programme: General Course, 2004

Current Position: Resident Physician, Internal Medicine, University of California, San Francisco

I am currently living in San Francisco completing a residency in Internal Medicine at UCSF. Pior to medical school, I earned a Master's of Economics. My career interests include health policy/economics.

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Programme: MSc International Relations, 2015

Current Position: Community Specialist, Rotary International

I recently completed the degree requirements for my second LSE degree. I have since relocated to Chicago to begin working for the organization that helped fund my degree. I have completed two degrees at LSE: Human Rights, graduated 2014, and International Relations, graduating December 2015.

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Programme: MSc Philosophy of the Social Sciences, 2009

Current Position: PhD Student, University of Hawaii at Manoa

After completing my first graduate degree at LSE, I returned home to Honolulu where I began to lecture for the Sociology Department at Hawaii Pacific University. The knowledge I attained while studying in London led me to funding further graduate study in Secondary Education. After teaching full-time at an International Baccaulareate World School, I made the decision to continue my studies at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. I am currently in advanced standing for my PhD in Education and have spent much of my time publishing my work and assisting at international conferences around the world.

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Programme: MSc Economic History, 2011

Current Position: Associate, Federal Reserve Bank of New York, New York

I pursued my MSc at LSE following my undergraduate degree at Tufts University. I currently work as a cross-asset markets analyst for the Federal Reserve, specializing in global fixed income and foreign exchange products.

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Edward R


Programme: Master of Public Administration Dual Degree with
Columbia University (Public Policy and Management), 2012

Current Position: Ads Quality Rater, ZeroChaos for Google

After graduating from the LSA MPA Programme, I examined public policy issues surrounding education reform and particularly the issue of education finance while serving as a consultant for the Edunomics Lab in Seattle. Most recently, I have been working for ZeroChaos on behalf of Google. In my role as an Ads Quality Rater, I conduct web analytics of Google’s web advertising and examine the effectiveness of web layouts to optimize Google’s algorithm for search engine results.

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Programme: The General Course, Economics & Management, 2015

Current Position: Officer of Finance & Strategy, LegalPad

Since leaving the LSE, I have continued my Economics and Finance studies at Babson College. Apart from pursuing a career in tmt investment banking, I have taken an administrative role in organising the Italia Innovation Program sponsored by Stanford University. In this capacity, I have utilized my contacts, and have brought in prestigious Italian brands such as Tods, FIAT Chrysler, as well as numerous highly influential business and academic professionals- such as Sergio Marchionne (Ceo of Fiat). 

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Programme: MSc Urbanisation and Development, 2011

Current Position: Account Manager, Local Dialogue, London

I currently work as an Account Manager at Local Dialogue, a specialist communications and public affairs consultancy focusing on energy, housing, environment, infrastructure and urban regeneration issues. I work in corporate communications, political lobbying, media relations, and stakeholder engagement. My LSE academic career provided me with insight into economic development, urban politics and policy issues, the intricacies of policy development and a more global perspective.

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Programme: MSc Social Policy and Development, 2009

Current Position: Research Analyst, National Conference of State Legislatures

After graduating I moved back to Colorado and was hired as a research analyst in the health program at the National Conference of State Legislatures. While Denver is becoming a hub for public policy organizations, I believe that a master's from LSE contributed to my new position at a prestigious national organization.

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Jeffrey K

Programme: The General Course (Economics focus), 2014

Current Position: The Parthenon Group/ Ernst & Young, Associate Consultant

I am currently working at The Parthenon Group / Ernst & Young in San Francisco. The group focuses on private equity due diligence, as well as M&A and corporate strategy.

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Programme: BSc Economic History, 2011

Current Position: Associate, DW Healthcare Partners

I'm currently an Associate at a healthcare-focused PE fund. Prior to this role, I was an Economic Policy Fellow at the US Senate, where I focused on entitlement reform while advising on a range of domestic- and international-policy issues. Before that, I was a London-based investment banker.

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Programme: MPA Public and Economic Policy, 2014

Current Position: Analyst, Davidson Ryan Dore

MPA graduate from the United States, currently working in London. After graduating from my programme in 2014, I began working at a strategic communications consultancy called Davidson Ryan Dore. My client
work is vast and diverse, ranging from the embassies of foreign governments to publicly-listed companies. My focus is on public affairs and media relations.

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Programme: MSc Politics and Communications, 2009

I have a MSc in Politics and Communications which I received in 2009, and I also hold a Bachelor's Degree in Political Science from American University in Washington, D.C. I currently work as a political consultant in Washington, however I have also worked as a pollster, PR specialist and journalist as well as on several campaigns at all different levels since college. My expertise is in political campaigning, and I look forward to talking with you further about attending the London School of Economics.

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Lucy resized


Programme: The General Course (History), 2014

Current Position: Student, Bard College

During my time at LSE I took courses in the International History department and was a part of the Student-Staff Liaison committee. I am currently in my last year of university, but in the past have held research positions with Bard College and the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs at Harvard University. I would love to share my experience or answer any questions regarding the General Course.

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Programme: MSc International Political Economy, 2009

Current Position: Associate, Market Research

My studies in International Political Economy at the LSE helped to hone my analytical capacity, developing skills that are directly applicable to my current work as an associate in a market research firm.

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Melissa B

Programme: MPA Public Policy and Management, 2009

Current Position: Clinical Business Analyst, MCIC Vermont, Inc., New York

I started my career as a Pediatric Pharmacist at a hospital in the USA. I completed a dual degree MPA from Columbia University & LSE focusing on healthcare policy and economics. I now work at a healthcare risk management firm in New York focusing on patient safety and medical malpractice reduction.

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Programme: General Course (Government focus),  1974

Current Position: Professor of Political Science, UCLA Visiting Senior Research Scholar, Princeton University

am Professor of Political Science at UCLA and, currently, Visiting Senior Research Scholar at the Woodrow Wilson School of Princeton University. After spending 1973-74 on the General Course at LSE, I returned to the University of California at Berkeley, where I completed my B.A. I then received Ph.D. in Government from Cornell University and taught at Wesleyan University before moving to UCLA in 1989. I study politics in both developed and less developed nations.

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Programme: MSc International Political Economy, 2009

Current Position: International Economist, US Treasury, Washington, DC

I am an international economist covering South Asia at the US Treasury Department in Washington. Prior to joining the Treasury, I was a macroeconomic research analyst covering Asia at the Institute of International Finance and journalist covering financial regulation and U.S. government procurement policy for outlets including MLex and Bloomberg.

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patrick reilly


Programme: MSc Public Policy and Administration, 2008

Current Position: Foreign Affairs Officer, US Department of State

I am currently a Foreign Affairs Officer with the US Department of State. I entered government as a 2008 Presidential Management Fellow after being nominated by LSE. In my two years at the Department of State I have served in assignments both domestically and abroad.

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Patrick G

Programme: MSc Political Economy of Europe, 2013

Current Position: Associate Consultant, Sendero Consulting

I arrived at the LSE unsure of what consulting was. After attending the career fair, making contacts, and undergoing the rigorous application process, I left London knowing that I wanted to work for a small management consulting firm. The skills I obtained from my time at the LSE, both in the classroom and with peers at the pub debating the merits of argument and sound reasoning, emboldened me to pursue a career in consulting. The intellectual rigor associated with such a career has helped me thrive in my current role. I found a small management consulting firm and I am now an associate consultant in Dallas, TX working in the oil and gas industry. My expertise is in business process design, strategy, software development and project management. My training from the LSE sets me above my peers and allowed me to excel in a project management role much faster than others.

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Programme: MSc Economic History, 2012

Current Position:  Marie Curie Early Stage Research Fellow (Economics), University of Oxford

After receiving an MSc in Economic History (Research) from LSE I enrolled in the PhD program in economics at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Currently I am a Marie Curie Early Stage Research Fellow in the Economics department at the University of Oxford. 

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Programme: The General Course (Economics), 2014

Current Position: Financial Engineer, Ernst & Young, New York

After attending the General Course I graduated from Haverford College in 2015, receiving a BA in Economics with High Honors and a concentration in Mathematical Economics. I currently work as a financial engineer at Ernst & Young where I design new valuation models and advise clients on the pricing of derivatives. I am interested in the application of scientific computing and computational modeling techniques, particularly as they apply to medicine. I intend to attend medical school to become a physician-scientist.

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Richard M

Programme: MSc Economic History (Research),  2009

Current Position: Writer and Consultant

After taking an early retirement as a Senior Vice-President of Morgan Stanley in New York, I became a mature student in the MSc Economic History (Research) program at LSE. Currently, I'm working on my second book (nonfiction), and from time to time, I also work as a consultant to firms and institutions that require very specific investment hedge strategies to compensate for erratic and unusual market conditions. For the most part, I divide my time between London, New York and Idaho.

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Richard R

Richard R

Programme: Master of Public Administration Dual Degree with
Columbia University (Public Policy and Management), 2012

Current Position: Ads Quality Rater, ZeroChaos for Google

Since graduating from Columbia University and
the London School of Economics with a Master of Public Administration dual degree, I have worked on education policy (specifically education finance) for the Edunomics Lab in Seattle. I also serve as a Quality Evaluator for ZeroChaos on behalf of Google. I use web-analytic capabilities to evaluate advertising-related data and provide analysis and feedback to Google so that they are able to optimize their algorithm for determining search engine results.

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Programme: MSc Real Estate Economics and Finance,  2009

Current Position: Director of Research, John Burns Real Estate Consulting

I enjoyed every moment of my time as a graduate student at LSE. Aside from the sheer magnitude of intellectual capital present on campus, London in itself provided the ideal backdrop for experiencing university life to the fullest. Without a doubt, my experiences and stories of LSE and the city are life changing. After graduating from LSE in 2009 I spent several years working for the Milken Institute (a California-based economic think tank), as well as John Burns Real Estate Consulting (a California-based independent research provider and consulting firm focused on the housing industry). I moved to New York in 2013 and worked as an Equity Research Associate at Morgan Stanley, focused on homebuilders and building product companies.

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Programme: MSc Comparative Politics and Markets,  2009

Current Position: Local Political Campaign Manager

I currently work for an early stage electric vehicle company which makes an electric vehicle and EV technology. I'm also managing a local political campaign on a part-time basis.   

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Programme: BA International History; MSc History of International Relations, 2011

Current Position: Consultant, Axia Limited

I graduated from the LSE with an undergraduate degree in 2010 and a master’s degree in 2011. As a master’s student, I interned for a UK minister (through the LSE) and presented research findings at academic conferences. Since graduating, I have worked as a strategy consultant at both large and boutique firms working to identify new markets, growing companies, and conducting cost and competitive analyses. Throughout these experiences, I have maintained a strong interest in entrepreneurship and am an active participate in the London, New York and Boston startup scenes.  

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