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Alumni from Latin America

Below you will find the profiles of alumni from Latin America listed alphabetically by country. Click on the links below to jump to alumni profiles from each country.

Brazil Chile Colombia Mexico Peru Venezuela




Programme: MSc in Development Studies, 2014

Current Position:  Senior Analyst, IDESAM

It was through my professional network that I landed my first long-term opportunity after LSE, as an environmental consultant at a small company. There I had the opportunity to work with different themes and clients, and learn how to manage the consulting schedule. I later transitioned to a Senior Analyst position at IDESAM - the Amazonas Conservation and Sustainable Development Institute, where today I coordinate the Brazilian participation in the Governors' Climate and Forests Task Force. 

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Programme: MSc Regulation, 2014

Current Position: Chief of the Legal Department, CDEC SIC (Independent Electricity System Operator)

Before I went to LSE I was working as an in-house lawyer at a generation company. After my studies at LSE, I was offered a job as the head of the legal department in the largest Independent Electricity System Operator (ISO) in Chile. Since the ISO is a relevant regulatory actor in the electricity market, the education I received in my master's at LSE has been an exceptional input for my work. Currently I am also teaching private law at the Universidad de Chile. 

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Programme: MSc Regulation, 2014

Current Position: Consultant (Independent)

Consultant in Corporate Affairs, Lecturer at UAI MSc in Regulation, LSE Master in Business Law, UAI BSc in Business Administration, UAI

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Programme:  MSc International Relations, 2005

Current Position: Assistant Professor and Coordinator of the Academic Area in International Relations, Universidad EAFIT

When I returned to Colombia after LSE I worked for two years as Director of the Governor's Office for the Governorship of Antioquia, getting involved in the region's process of internationalization and different social policy programs. After that I worked for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as General Manager of the OAS General Assembly. Since 2009 I returned to my home University to work as a lecturer and as Coordinator of the International Relations Academic Area. I am also a researched in the field of Latin American Politics and environmental issues.

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Programme:  MSc Regulation, 2005

Current Position: Director General, Cartel and Interstate Commerce Investigations Division, Mexican Federal Competition Commission

I have had various publications, including those published by World Competition Law and Economics Review and the Texas Transnational Law Quarterly, and am the Editor and co-author of a book on economic competition policy in Mexico as well as a book applying game theory to law. Prior to joining the Mexican Competition Authority I worked for national and international law firms including Basham, Ringe y Correa; Barrera, Siqueiros y Torres Landa; and Haynes and Boone.

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Programme:  MSc Theory and History of International Relations, 2007

Current Position:  Business Development Manager, Latin Lawyer

I started my career in publishing first working at Oxford University Press and then at GL Education where I was in charge of international sales. These positions involved frequent travel to meet customers and promote our titles in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Latin America. I then became interested in rights sales, licensing and copyright and I was offered a role at Haymarket Media licensing our magazines to publishers outside the UK. I currently work for Latin Lawyer where I am in charge of sales in Latin America

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Programme:  MSc Comparative Politics, 2008

Current Position: Policy and social analysis on mining and energy sectors in Peru

I personally believe that my experience in London changed my life in several aspects. Beyond the outstanding academic level, sharing a class, a coffee or a beer with people from all around the globe was amazing. I think that more Peruvians should follow the same path. I graduated from LSE in 2008 and am currently working for Golder Associates.

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Programme:  MSc Environment & Development, 2009

Current Position: Environmental Economics and Climate Finance Senior Analyst at ÉcoRessources

After doing the MSc in Environment and Development, I decided to focus on environmental economics and carbon finance and joined ÉcoRessources, a Canadian environmental economics company with offices in Lima, Peru.

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Programme: LLM Public International Law, 2009

Current Position: Adjunct Professor of Public International Law at Metropolitan University of Carcas

After Leaving LSE in 2009, I took an internship for 6 months at the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights in Washington DC and then returned to Caracas to be appointed Adjunct Professor of Public International Law at the Metropolitan University of Caracas, where I also conduct research within the areas of International Human Rights Law and International Criminal Law and the mutual linkages between criminal responsibility and state responsibility.

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