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Alumni from Europe & the UK

Below you will find the profiles of alumni from Europe and the United Kingdom listed alphabetically by country. Click on the links below to jump to alumni profiles from each country.

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Programme: BSc International Relations and History, 2011

Current Position: Institute Administrator (Institutes of Commonwealth and Latin American Studies), School of Advanced Study, University of London

Since graduating in 2011 I have been working at the University of London and am currently undertaking a  part-time MA in European History at Birkbeck, University of London.

Email your questions to Chloe





Programme:  MSc Management, Organisations and Governance, 2014

Current Position: Management Consultant, PwC

Becoming part of the LSE community is a highlight that can hardly be surpassed. After completing an MSc in Management, Organisations and Governance, filled with thought-provoking lectures, eureka moments and stimulating conversations, I joined PwC’s consulting practice in London, focusing on project management and strategy in the financial services sector. 

Email your questions to Iva



Programme: MSc Development Management, 2011

Current Position: Internal Audit Manager, Rolls-Royce Plc

Upon LSE graduation I joined Rolls-Royce as a Finance graduate. My first rotations were in the Civil Aerospace, where I was doing the accounting for new engine sales. I then went on to develop management forecasting and reporting abilities within the leasing and long-term aftermarket business. I also ventured outside of finance to be a Strategy Buyer in Singapore where I identified and secured cost saving opportunities. For a year, I joined the other end of the value stream – supply chain, where I was a Finance Manager for consolidating two Supply Chain Units. My current position is Internal Audit Manager.

Email your questions to Margita





Programme: MSc Management and Regulation of Risk, 2009

Current Position: Market and Liquidity Risk Management Analyst, Hellenic Bank Group

During my studies at LSE I had the opportunity to be taught by world-class professors and to attend very important and informative seminars. It was a lifetime's experience. After finishing my master's I worked as an intern in an investment firm in Nicosia. When my internship came to an end I was offered a position as a Compliance Officer. The fact that I was an LSE graduate played an important part in getting this offer. I continued working as a Compliance Officer until I was offered a position as a Market and Liquidity Risk Management Analyst at the Hellenic Bank Group. During a time of high unemployment, when graduates find it incredibly hard to find jobs in Cyprus I managed to find one that exactly matches my degree. I believe this was due to being an LSE graduate.

Email your questions to Andreas



Programme: MSc European Political Economy: Integration, 2006

Current Position: Officer in the department of Strategy, Economic Analysis and International Relations of the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission

After graduating from LSE in 2006 with an MSc in European Political Economy: Integration, I have been employed as an Officer of the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission - the supervisory Authority of the Cyprus capital market. The Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission's responsibility of overseeing such a dynamic and complex industry makes my work both challenging and rewarding. As such, it offers me the chance to develop an in-depth knowledge of a plethora of subjects, including regulation, compliance, finance, law, accountancy and public policy. Having a highly esteemed LSE degree in my CV may well have given me this unique opportunity.

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Programme: MSc Public Policy and Administration,2014

Current Position: Analyst, Belmana Ltd

I am currently working as a quantitative analyst in an economic consulting firm in London. I spent most days crunching numbers and solving analytical tasks for our clients that span from central government departments to charities. I graduated from LSE in 2014 and chose to try my luck with London work life. So far, so good.

Email you questions to Jonas



Programme: MSc Philosophy and Public Policy, 2014

Current Position: Management Consultant, Implement Consulting Group

After leaving LSE in 2014, I have obtained my second degree as MSc Political Science from University of Copenhagen. Since April 2015, I have worked as a management consultant, focusing on the public sector, and will from September 2015 function as an associate lecturer in philosophy of science and methodoly at University of Copenhagen.

Email your questions to Rikke





Programme: PhD General Management, 2014

Current Position: Post-doctoral researcher at LSE's Centre for Economic Performance

I came to the LSE in 2011 to start a PhD in management, after completing a MPhil in Development Studies at the University of Cambridge. Before that I worked in the banking industry as an economist and an equity research analyst. My undergrad was in economics at Sciences-Po Paris. I am very grateful to the LSE for having provided such a great platform for my doctoral research on banking in sub-Saharan Africa. I am now working as a post-doctoral researcher at LSE's Centre for Economic Performance.

Email you questions to Adeline




Programme: MSc Econometrics, 2000

Current Position: Risk Manager, JPMorgan

I am a Risk Manager, Specialised in Commodities. My interests lie in Emerging Markets, Physical and Financial Commodities and Risk Management.

 Email your questions to Cedric




Programme: MSc European Politics, 2007

Current Position: Regulatory expert at Ofgem

After my MSc in European Politics, I went to Brussels and worked as a Member of the European Parliament assistant. Then I came back to London and switched sides, the lobbying side, where I worked as European Public Affairs Advisor in a consumer organisation. I am now working for Ofgem, the electricity and gas GB regulator, still specialised on European issues.

Email your questions to Clemence



Programme: MSc Political Economy of Late Development, 2013

Current Position: Economist, French Development Agency

After graduating from Science Po Lille at LSE I got hired by the French Development Agency (AFD) as an Economist. I carry out macroeconomic/financial surveillance, prepare macreconomic reports and provide input for AFD's operational strategy in Mozambique. Thus I engage in discussions of economic trends and issues with national authorities, organizations, and relevant bilateral (DFID, KfW) and multilateral agencies (IMF, WB), contributing to the policy dialogue.

 Email your questions to Hervé



Programme: MSc in Organisational and Social Psychology), 2014

Current Position: PhD Candidate, ESCP Europe Business School

I am currently a PhD Candidate in Management, specialisation Marketing at the ESCP Europe/Pantheon Sorbonne. I have a background in organisational, social and consumer psychology. Since graduating from the LSE, I have worked for the past two years in Market Research companies (using qualitative, quantitative and behavioural economics to understand consumer behaviour). 

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Programme: The General Course (Management), 2014

Current Position: Student, Brandeis University

I will be graduating in 2015 at Brandeis University and did my third year at LSE in Management as a General Course Student. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about my experience.

Email your questions to Natacha





Programme: MSc Social and Public Communication, 2014

Current Position: PhD Candidate, ESCP Europe Business School

I am a PhD candidate in Business Administration - Marketing at ESCP Europe Business School and at Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne. I work as a researcher and teach in Paris and London. 

Email your questions to Ann



Programme: MSc Social and Public Communication2009

Current Position: Consultant, Porsche Consulting

Before entering LSE, I worked as an Operations Manager for Murrelektronik do Brasil, the Brazilian subsidiary of a German manufacturer of electronic components. At LSE I studied towards a MSc in Operational Research, with an emphasis on Game Theory and Mathematical Programming. After my graduation I returned to Brazil and started to work for Porsche Consulting, a management consulting company with specialization in Lean Management.

Email your questions to Christian



Programme: MSc Economy, Risk and Society, 2014

Current Position: PhD Candidate in Sociology, University of Edinburgh

Coming from an undergraduate background in Sociology and Psychology, I studied MSc Economy, Risk and Society at LSE in 2013/14. After graduating, I worked as a management consultant for Lufthansa Technik AG in Hamburg, Germany, for two years. Since September 2016, I am doing a PhD at the University of Edinburgh on technological risk modelling practices in reinsurance and financial markets, a topic derived from my LSE dissertation project.

Email your questions to Julius 



Programme: MSc History of International Relations, 2014

Current Position: Account Associate, W2O Group

Having worked in media and communications prior to my MSc at LSE, I was keen to go back into this area. I now work at a corporate communications agency specialising in corporate pharmaceutical communications. 

Email your questions to Lisa 




Programme: The General Course, Law, 2013

Current Position: Law student, Germany

After finishing the General Course in 2013, I completed my undergraduate degree in Germany ("First state exam"). Currently I am working on my PhD thesis in competition law at a Max Planck Institute.

Email your questions to Maximilian



Programme: MSc Politics and Government in the European Union, 2013

Current Position: Project Manager, Mercator Program Center for International Affairs, Germany

I work as a project manager in charge of the international Fellowship Programme at Mercator Foundation, a leading private NGO in Germany that conducts various projects focussing on international relations (and Europe in particular). Prior to his current position, I worked for the Bertelsmann Foundation’s Education and Migration department and the International Labour Organisation (ILO) in Geneva. Within the ILO, I worked for the International Migration Branch, before joining Mercator Foundation in May 2013 in the context of a Management-Traineeship.

Email your questions to Mehrdad

Oliver Rakau


Programme: MSc Economics, 2009

Current Position: Economist at Deutsche Bank

For the last two years I have been working as a macroeconomist in Deutsche Bank's European economics team, where I focus mostly on the German economy. Previously I had been a sector analyst, also at DB. I joined the bank directly after graduating from LSE in 2009.

Email your questions to Oliver



Programme: PhD Development Studies, 2010

Current Position: Associate Professor, Department of International Relations, Universidad del Rosario, Bogotá, Colombia

I graduated from LSE with a PhD in Development Studies in 2010. I spent two full years in London working on my dissertation before heading off to do fieldwork in Colombia. Since 2004 I have been living and working in Bogotá, first at the Universidad de los Andes and now at the Universidad del Rosario.

Email your questions to Ralf


Rick S

Programme: MSc Philosophy of the Social Sciences, 2014

Current Position: PhD student, University of Edinburgh 

After my MSc in Philosophy of the Social Sciences I did a second Master MA Political Theory at the Goethe University Frankfurt Main (Germany). I am about to start my PhD at the University of Edinburgh (Topic: Intuition as Evidence in Moral Philosophy).

Email your questions to Rick S



Programme: MSc International Management, 2010

Current Position: Industry Analyst, Google

I was part of the 2009/10 MSc International Management (IMEX) Program and the exchange with the Booth School of Business at the University of Chicago. After graduating I joined Google Germany as an Industry Analyst. I am particularly interested in entrepreneurship, finance, and the diversity our world offers.

Email your questions to Urs





Programme: BSc Philosophy Logic & Scientific Method, 2009

Current Position: Consultant, Boston Consulting Group

I joined LSE in 2006. It was one of the most intellectually challenging experiences and gave me the chance to be around brilliant people and really grow as a person. Following graduation, I joined Colgate Palmolive and work my way up to Brand Management, having taking roles in Sales and Marketing too. In 2013 I joined IESE MBA and following my graduation in May, will be joining The Boston Consulting Group.

Email your questions to Alexandra




Programme: MSc Media and Communication, 2007

Current Position: Communication and Public Relations at the Hellenic Craniofacial Center

Since I finished the MSc I have been in charge of Communication and Public Relations at the Hellenic Craniofacial Center. My job involves communication and public relations in the medical field, concerning doctors, hospital administration, staff and patients.

Email your questions to Catherine



Programme: MSc European Political Economy, 2002

Current Position: Economist at the Bank of Greece

In 2003 I joined Shell Oil as a Business Analyst in the Lubricants Supply Chain Europe team, working mainly on cost modelling. In 2004, I moved to the Bank of Greece as an Economist in the Economic Research Department, where I have been working ever since. During this period, I was seconded at the European Central Bank in Frankfurt for 2 years (2009-2010) at the External Economic Developments Division. My main tasks involved the analysis of cross-border financial flows, the impact of price and cost competitiveness on trade and the macro-economic surveillance of countries in the euro area.

Email your questions to Melina





Programme: LLB Bachelor of Laws, 2006

Current Position: Senior Consultant, Aiimi

I am a senior management Consultant at a boutique consultancy focused on business transformation and technology services.

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Programme: MSc Comparative Politics, 2008

Current Position: Third Secretary, Irish Department of Foreign Affairs

I'm currently working as a Third Secretary, the entry level for the Irish diplomatic service. I've take the scenic route to my current position. I spent just under two years in Brussels, first working as a trainee with the EU's external affairs service and then as a member of local staff at the Mission of Japan to the EU. Prior to my time in Brussels I worked as a Research Associate and Assistant Editor at RUSI, a defence and security studies think tank in London. I was an intern at RUSI during my MSc and then was taken on as a full member of staff when I finished.

Email your questions to Kevin





Programme: MSc Global History, 2014

Current Position: Research Assistant, Max Plank Society 

After graduation I moved to Berlin where I got involved in a project researching the global history of emotions. My career interests involve migration studies/politics and education. 

Email your questions to Chiara


Marco D

Programme: MSc International Relations, 2009

Current Position: Analyst, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Tirana, Albania

Since 2011, I serve as an Analyst in the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) country office in Tirana, Albania, focusing on strategic programme management of development assistance. Before joining UNDP, I worked as Research Fellow at Carnegie Europe, the pan-European office of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace in Brussels. My previous experience in multilateral organisations has centred on crisis management, electoral governance, and disarmament affairs, including research assistant positions at NATO Headquarters, the Organization of Security and Cooperation in Europe, the Foreign Affairs Committee of the European Parliament, and the Permanent Mission of Italy to the United Nations in New York. My research interests focus on the role of multilateral organizations in development policy and security governance. In this context, I pursue off-site collaboration with think tanks and research centres, including Chatham House, writing policy articles on international affairs.

Email your questions to Marco D



Programme: MSc Urban and Regional Economics, 1973

Current Position: Consultant/coach to United Nations agencies

Manager in the World Bank in the field of rural and agricultural development and environmental conservation; sectoral analysis and investment. Worked in Costa Rican presidency on social development programs, municipal and regional development.

Email your questions to Martin



Programme: BSc Philosophy and Economics, 2013

Current Position: Trainee, European Investment Bank

After Graduating I undertook A Master's Degree in Economics at Sciences Po Paris (2 year program) and now I am taking a gap year, where I worked as a Consultant for Capgemini, as a Trainee for the Comittee of the Regions and now as a Trainee at the European Investment Bank.

Email your questions to Max





Programme: MSc European Political Economy, 2009

Current Position: Representative for the United Kingdom and Ireland, Invest Macedonia

Since graduation I started working for Allianz SE in Munich. My current job is with Invest Macedonia - a Government Investment Agency as a representative for the United Kingdom and Ireland in London and Manchester. At the same time I am reading for an Executive MBA at the London Business School

Email your questions to Goran





Programme: MSc Economic History, 2014

Current Position:  Associate Consultant, Bain & Company

After studying both Economics and History in Utrecht (NL) I followed the MSc Economic History at LSE. Currently I am a strategy consultant at Bain and Company in Amsterdam. 

Email your questions to Jacqueline



Programme: MSc Regional and Urban Planning Studies, 2010

Current Position: Trainee for the Provincial Government of Noord-Holland (Amsterdam region)

After completing my MSc at the LSE I decided to apply for jobs in the Netherlands. I currently work as a trainee for the Provincial Government of Noord-Holland (Amsterdam region) on a two-year contract. Some projects I am working on at the moment are the planning applications regarding the expansion of Schiphol Airport and demolition projects to improve the visual quality of the countryside.

Email your questions to Linda





Programme: MSc Management and Strategy (Conflict Studies), 2013

Current Position: Deals Associate, PwC

I am currently working with transaction services at PwC in Oslo, focussing on financial due diligences. In addition to the MSc from LSE, I hold an MSc in Industrial Economics from Norway, a programme combining engineering and business. At LSE, I was involved in several societies and sports. I also appreciated the activities hosted by the student union and faculties. LSE has a lot to offer!

Email your questions to Nora



Programme: BSc International Relations, 2013

Current Position: Research Assistant, Middle East Institute

After graduating from LSE in 2013, I moved to Cairo where I worked for a year at the Royal Norwegian Embassy. I have since moved to Washington, where I am currently pursuing a Master of Science in Foreign Service, a professionally oriented program in International Affairs. My experience at LSE was key to propelling me towards my current academic and professional path. I'd be happy to answer any questions regarding life after graduation. As a former exchange student in the LSE-Sciences Po programme, I am also happy to answer any questions about this program (which I highly recommend).

Email your questions to Svenn





Programme: MSc Management, Information Systems and Innovation, 2014

Current Position:  MPhil/PhD Student at Department of Management, Graduate Intern LSE

Since graduating, I've been providing freelance consultancy services and then accepted a Graduate Intern role at IMT at the LSE. I've applied and been accepted to start my PhD in Management, Information Systems and Innovation at the LSE.

Email your questions to Marta


Marta K

Programme: MSc Law and Accounting, 2014

Current Position: Analyst, HSBC

Currently part of the HSBC Asset Management Graduate programme. I am just finishing my second rotation in Global Client Strategy, having previously worked in quantitative research within Investments. I am happy to answer any questions about the course and my (short) career since.

Email your questions to Marta K 

Miroslaw resized


Programme: TRIUM Global Executive MBA, 2014

Current Position: CEO, Electrum

I am the founder of Electrum,CEO and the President of the Board since the formation of the company in 1997.I am the main creator of strategy, vision, mission and image of the company and oversees development of its brand. I assure high level of quality and business ethics as well as organisational stability through implementation of professional standards. Electrum is a Polish engineering company specialised in the implementation of technologically advanced solutions for electrical power engineering, automation and ICT. As a General Contractor Electrum undertakes projects in the areas of power engineering, industry and renewable energy source.

Email your questions to Miroslaw



Alexander resized

Alexander L

Programme: MSc International Political Economy, 2014

Current Position: Co-founder, Chainy

Co-founder at Chainy. Ambassador at Creatives of the World. Co-founder at Global Affairs Summit. Host at London New Tech. World Championships medallist, National Karate Team Russia. LSE Sports Ambassador. London Leader at the London City Hall. TEDx Speaker.

Email your questions to Alexander L





Programme: MSc Management, Organisations and Governance,  2009

Current Position: Organization & Cost Manager, Banco Santander USA

After my programme at LSE I was hired by Capgemini Consulting Spain as a strategy business consultant where I had the chance to work for different important European companies within very different sectors (aeronautical, real estate, energy, infrastructure). I then moved to Banco Santander as an organization analyst for global businesses (PB, AM, Insurance and Global Banking and Markets) where my main duty was to control and support global businesses being more efficient and productive. I was promoted to project manager and I have recently been transferred to Santander USA as Organization & Cost Manager.

Email your questions to Pablo





Programme: MSc Accounting and Finance, 2009

Current Position: Analyst, Private Banking Latin America, Credit Suisse

I joined LSE after a Bachelor in Business Administration from the University of St. Gallen and a year in strategy consulting. The MSc in Accounting and Finance at LSE has been an excellent springboard to continue my career in the financial industry. In fact, after graduating in 2009, I joined Credit Suisse as assistant to the COO for Private Banking Americas. In 2011, I worked six months at Credit Suisse in Brazil. Currently I am back in Zurich working on strategic projects and initiatives for the Latin American market.

Email your questions to Lodovico





Programme: MSc Social and Cultural Psychology, 2012

Current Position: Marketing Department, Nestlé, Istanbul

I graduated from LSE in 2012 with an MSc in Social and Cultural Psychology. LSE is a lifetime's experience for each and every student. I had the opportunity to be taught by world-class professors and to attend very informative lectures at LSE. After graduation, I returned to Istanbul, Turkey and started to work in the marketing department of Nestlé, Istanbul office.

Email your questions to Aylin




Programme: MSc Management and Regulation of Risk,  2009

Current Position: Associate Risk Consultant, Marsh Risk Consulting (Marsh & McLennan Companies)

After graduation I returned to my hometown, Istanbul, and worked for Deloitte's Enterprise Risk Services until late June 2010. Now I am a Risk Consultant at Marsh Risk Consulting (Marsh & McLennan Companies).

Email your questions to Nur


Omer Updated


Programme: BSc Government and Economics, MSc Politics and Government in the European Union,  2009

Current Position: Researcher at Turkish National Police Academy

Upon graduation I worked at a think tank in Turkey. I am now preparing to begin a PhD in political science at Florida International University.

Email your questions to  Ömer




Programme: MSc International Management,  2009

Current Position: Marketing Specialist, Carlsberg Group, İzmir

Following my graduation from the LSE I worked in a couple of different jobs in London for short durations. Then I came back to my country in order to complete the compulsory military service. After that I decided to stay in Turkey and started to work in Izmir in the FMCG sector (Turk Tuborg & Carlsberg) as Marketing Specialist.

Email your questions to  Önder




Programme: BSc Government and Economics; MSc Politics and Government in the European Union, 2009

Current Position:  PhD Candidate, Washington University in St Louis

After spending four years at LSE, I will be starting a PhD program this summer in political science at Washington University in St. Louis.

Email your questions to Ozgur


United Kingdom



Programme: BSc Politics and Government in the European Union, 2013

Current Position: Caseworker, Emily Thornberry MP

Whilst studying for my Masters at the LSE I also interned in Emily Thornberry MP's constituency office one day a week. I got this opportunity through the LSE careers service - a scheme called the Parliamentary Internship scheme - and it quickly became clear that this was something that I could see myself doing long term. When a job opportunity came up in the office I jumped at it and I am now on the MP's core team going into the General Election this May. My day-to-day job involves dealing with constituents and helping them with problems that range from housing issues to immigration applications, problems with their benefits to detailed questions regarding Emily's stance on key political issues of the day. I also do a lot of campaigning in the constituency and worked on the local elections in 2014.

Email your questions to Abbie



Programme: BSc Management, 2010

Current Position: Gap Year

I am currently on a gap year. I am looking for some work experience and planning my travels to Central and South America. I will be joining a Raleigh International 10-week expedition to Costa Rica and Nicaragua where I will be involved in community and environmental projects. After that, I would like to explore Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia. I am also applying for graduate schemes to start working full-time when I return from my travels.

Email your questions to Alex



Programme: MSc Economic History, 2014

Current Position: Global Customer Service Executive, CIMA

I am currently working at CIMA and love my job. Since I left LSE I worked in a number of short term roles before moving to CIMA on a permanent contract. I love the satisfaction you get by helping our members and students and I look fondly back on my time at the LSE.

Email your questions to Antony


Aylin L

Programme:  MSc European Political Economy, 2010

Current Position: Public Affairs Supervisor, UPS

Following my MSc in European Political Economy at LSE, I moved to Brussels for a 6 month “Blue Book” traineeship at the European Commission. After that, I took up a position as a Policy Officer at the American Chamber of Commerce, where I was responsible for financial services policy and transatlantic relations. After just under two years at AmCham EU, I moved to my current position in the in-house government affairs department of UPS (United Parcel Service) in Brussels, where I work on trade policy, as well as digital economy and healthcare policy.

Email your questions to Aylin L



Programme: MSc International Political Economy, 2013

Current Position: Assistant Vice President, Credit Suisse

After graduating from the LSE in 2013, I joined Credit Suisse's EMEA Public Policy team as Assistant Vice President. My LSE degree has uniquely positioned me for a role that requires me to be a player in a sphere where the financial sector frequently interacts with political actors.

Email your questions to Cornelius




Programme: MSc International Relations, 2012

Current Position: ITRA Senior Consultant, Ernst & Young LLP, Glasgow

I joined EY as a Consultant in Glasgow in September 2013. I am part of the Risk Advisory Service, working over all of Scotland and the UK on clients of various sizes - from local bespoke service clients through to global firms. The work I have been doing primarily focuses on mitigating risk associated with IT and financial reporting. 

The role requires a lot of travelling and liaising with teams from around the world. Studying at LSE has given me an excellent global network and appreciation of other cultures, allowing me to connect with peers in a deeper way than I would have previously been able to. The skills gained from my time at LSE have greatly helped in pursuing and securing this career but the analytical and critical mindset fostered by the School has helped me face the daily challenges with confidence.

I will be happy to answer any questions you have about my experience at LSE and how it has affected my career path.

Email your questions to Darren



Programme: MSc Economic History (part-time), 2014

Current Position: Evidence & Impact Director, The Children's Society

I completed the MsC in Economic History as a part-time study alongside my role as Director at a national charity. My roles since completing an undergraduate in 2008 have focused on the use of economics and research in the social sector, with a focus in recent years on charity sector work.

Email your questions to Dave



Programme: MSc International Relations Theory, 2014

Current Position: Research Analyst, International Institute for Strategic Studies

I joined the Future Conflict and Cyber Security Programme at the IISS in 2015. I am responsible for undertaking research on the various topics that come under our broad remit as well as for administrative tasks related to our projects. After graduating from the LSE in 2014, I worked at an international development charity and undertook an internship at an international affairs think tank. 

Email your questions to Harriet

Jake resized


Programme: MSc Political Economy of Europe, 2014

Current Position: Analyst, Thames Valley Capital

Currently an analyst for a small Private Equity house focussing on growth companies. I'm based in Reading and completed my MSc at LSE in 2014. Prior to University I spent extended periods working in Japan, Canada and Indonesia and during my time in London I lived both North & South of the river (in LSE accommodation and private) and drank in at least 50% of the city's pubs. Happy to answer any questions. 

Email your questions to Jake



Programme:  MSc Organisational Behaviour, 2014

Current Position: Managing Partner, SenseEIA

Upon graduating from LSE I set up my own consultancy with a partner. I use my research from LSE in Social Power to help organisations with key stakeholder engagement through periods of change. Clients in the first year include Royal Mail, Twofour Media Group and Thompson Reuters. 

Email your questions to Jason



Programme: MSc Economic History, 2014

Current Position: Economist, Capital Economics

While studying for my MSc in Economic History I began work as an economist for a consultancy - a job I got, in part, as a result of my LSE studies. 

Email your questions to John



Programme: Executive Global Master's in Management, 2014

Current Position: Associate Director, National Bank of Abu Dhabi (NBAD)

I started my Banking & Finance career working for HSBC in Saudi Arabia as part of the Large Corporate Banking team covering Real Estate and Construction companies where I spent 3 years in this role. In 2012, I was accepted to LSE's Global Masters in Management and decided to leave my job and focus on my studies. This was a hugely rewarding decision and enabled to meet some truly amazing people and learn from some of the best minds in business, economics and finance. I graduated in 2014, and later on decided to move back to the Middle East. At present, I am an Associate Director with the National Bank of Abu Dhabi, Aviation & Transportation sector,Global Banking Division.

Email your questions to Majed



Programme: MSc Law, Anthropology and Society, 2014

Current Position: Business Analyst, Capgemini

Since graduating I have gone to become a business analyst at Capgemini within the Group's largest account. Capgemini is a multinational consulting, technology and outsourcing firm with operations in 44 countries worldwide. My role has given me opportunities to help manage, review and conform multi-million pound contracts and large project proposals whilst mitigating risk and ensuring contractual compliance at all times. Currently, I am undertaking a four-month secondment within a specialist collaboration team, a core group of individuals who enable the development of solutions to complex business problems both within Capgemini and externally with FTSE100 and Fortune 500 companies.

Email your questions to Portia 



Programme: MSc Sociology, 2016

Current Position: Programme Development Manager, Afghanistan and Central Asian Association 

Whilst studying at the LSE I was working in the charity sector in a financial capacity and on a managerial level. Given my interest in research, since completing my masters degree, I was offered a research position at Quilliam (a think tank) through a speculative email. I endevaour to continue my education to PhD level, focusing on the relationship between 'Afghan' nationalism and minority communities within Afghanistan. 

Email your questions to Rabia




Programme: MSc Global Politics, 2009

Current Position: Consultant, Ernst & Young, London

Since graduating from LSE, I have found that having a Masters degree has really thrust me onto the shortlists of different public sector jobs. After graduation, I first decided to work for an MP to gain some experience, and got a place with David Laws MP who offered me a role as a Political Assistant and Researcher. Through that I managed to move laterally and get an Executive Officer role at the House of Commons working for the Civil Service and now work as a Consultant on the Graduate Programme at Ernst & Young where I have focused on helping Central Government clients improve their business process performance.

Email your questions to Rahul



Programme: MSc Development Management, 2014

Current Position: Assistant Project Manager, GSMA, Mobile for Development 

At GSMA Mobile for Development I support senior management by overseeing the coordination of M4D programmes. I joined the GSMA M4D team in October 2014 from the London School of Economics (LSE) where my research focused on how mobiles could be used in conjunction with formal and informal institutions to improve services to the underserved. I previously worked for Fitch Ratings in the financial services training division. Prior to this, I was in Zambia, Kenya & South Africa managing a number of programmes ranging from HIV education & gender to health & utilities. I hold an MSc in Development Management from LSE and a first class degree in Economics & Politics from Leeds University, UK.

Email your questions to Rosie




Programme: LLB Bachelor of Laws, 2007

Current Position: I am currently working for White & Case, a global corporate law firm.

After graduating in Law from LSE I undertook a Masters degree at the University of Cambridge. I then completed the Legal Practice Course at the College of Law in Moorgate before starting work with the London office of a global corporate law firm. At present I am based in one of the firm's offices in Asia.

Email your questions to Stefan