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Alumni from Central Asia and East Asia

Below you will find the profiles of alumni from Central Asia and East Asia listed alphabetically by country. Click on the links below to jump to alumni profiles from each country.

China| Hong Kong| Japan|


Hu Chaoyi


Programme: MSc Political Economy of Late Development, 2010

Current Position: Program Officer, China Social Entrepreneur Foundation (YouChange Foundation)

After graduating from LSE I went back to China and worked as a translator at the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), an international humanitarian organization. I am now a program officer at China Social Entrepreneur Foundation (YouChange Foundation).

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Programme: MSc Media and Communication, 2009

Current Position: Communications Projects Manager, Alliance Boots, London

After graduating from LSE I worked as an intern for the Patient Safety Team at the World Health Organisation, Geneva Headquarters. Prior to joining Alliance Boots, the largest pharmaceutical distribution group in the world, I was a consultant at the London office of Ogilvy CommonHealth.

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Programme: MSc Media and Communication, 2008

Current Position: Sales & Marketing Executive, London

Whilst I was studying at LSE, I worked as a marketing specialist at an innovative online arts exchange company. After my graduation, I did a research project for a social enterprise for disabled children. I'm now a sales and marketing executive responsible for rights and finished programmes sale to Asia, based in London.

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Programme: MSc Political Economy, 2003

Current Position: Fix Income Trader, Bank of China

I am a trader, responsible for RMB derivatives and cash bonds. I enjoy this challenging life and give thanks to LSE for changing my life.

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Hong Kong

Angel Ko


Programme: BSc Human Resources Management and Industrial Relations, 2006

Current Position:  MarketingManager

Before starting my career in Marketing, I spent a year in Human Resources Management. I know I have an outgoing personality with strong creative thinking. Thus, I decided to try something which requires more human interaction. I worked in-house for a luxury fashion brand before moving to a hotel and have gained exposure in Public Relations, Events, Advertising and e-Commerce. Now, I work as a Marketing Manager in a SME producing and sourcing corporate and promotional gifts because I want to keep exploring Marketing.

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Programme: BSc Government and Economics, 2004

Current Position: Research and Acquisitions

After graduating from LSE I moved to New York to join a private equity real estate opportunity fund. After two years in New York, I transferred to Hong Kong to help start the office and the direct investment efforts in Mainland China. Since moving to Hong Kong, my responsibilities are best summed up as leading and coordinating due diligence efforts by organizing third party consultants, developing underwriting assumptions and preparing market analysis for potential acquisitions and existing assets in Greater China.

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Programme: BSc Accounting and Finance, 2010

Current Position:   Audit Department, KPMG

I have secured an offer from KPMG Hong Kong and will start in the Audit Department. Although I would like to live in the UK in the long run, I am not afraid of starting my career somewhere else because having an LSE degree is like having an international passport; its global recognition will enable me to transition to other countries easily, be it in one year or in 10 years time.

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Programme: MSc in Economics (Research), 2009, MSc in Statistics (Research), 2011

Current Position: Deputy Director (Principal), Prudential Standard Office, Financial Service Agency

After graduating from Univ.Tokyo (Dept.Econ) and formulating economic outlook of Japanese government in 2006-08 as an economist of Cabinet Office, I started to study economics and statistics in London School of Economics (LSE). My degrees were very useful when I was engaged in the surveillance of foreign financial institutions at Bank of Japan (BOJ). Currently, I am working for Prudential Standard Office, Financial Service Agency (FSA) as deputy director (principal). As prudence policy consists of macro prudence and micro prudence, the former requires the knowledge of macroeconomics while the latter requires the knowledge of statistical model. Therefore, If you wish to be a supervisor of financial sector, I strongly encourage you to study at (one of) these courses at LSE. Please do not hesitate to make enquiries by sending E-mail to me.

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