Alumni Ambassadors

Many LSE alumni will have been quizzed at some point by friends, colleagues or family members who are considering applying to the School themselves.

For LSE alumni who want to "give something back" to the School in a practical way, as well as to see more students from their country or background encouraged to apply, the Alumni Ambassadors programme offers a great chance to be involved in LSE's student recruitment work, acting as an ambassador to potential future applicants.

Alumni Ambassadors will be profiled on our Email an Alum |site and will receive questions from potential applicants to LSE who want to find out about the difference that studying at the School could make to their future prospects, as well as on other aspects of their LSE experience.

The kind of questions we hope applicants will want to ask include:

  • How has your LSE degree helped you in job-seeking and career progression?
  • What kind of contacts did you make at LSE and how did these help you?
  • How did your experience at LSE differ from that of friends and colleagues who studied elsewhere?
  • What alumni activity have you been involved with since leaving LSE?
  • What made you choose LSE rather than institutions in your home country?

Please note that all messages are sent via the Student Recruitment Office, allowing you to keep your email address private. For reasons of privacy we also profile alumni on the site using first names only.

From time to time Alumni Ambassadors may also be asked to support the work of the LSE Student Recruitment Office by participating in events taking place in their countries, or providing contacts with their former institutions. However the major way that you participate will be through the Email an Alum |service.

Ideally Alumni Ambassadors will have graduated in the last five years in order to offer prospective students an up to date reflection of the LSE experience.

If you wish to become an Alumni Ambassador and participate in the Email an Alum service, please fill out the form below and we will shortly be in contact with you. If you have questions about the programme please contact| 

  • Alumni Ambassador registration form
  • Name
  • Level(s) of study completed at LSE (tick all that apply)
  • We would like to include a photo of you on the Email an Alum website, as this makes our alumni appear more friendly and personable. If you would like your photo to be included with your profile on the Email an Alum site please upload a headshot below. Please note that this is optional.
  • N.B. We do not anticipate that acting as an Alumni Ambassador and participating in the Email an Alum service will be unduly time-consuming. However it is important that you are able to commit to respond to messages from students within 5 days of receipt.