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Graduate Degrees (MSc)

Adam W

Programme: MSc City Design and Social Science, 2010

Current Position: Frontline SMS

Country: United States of America|

I came to LSE just after completing my undergrad degree at Tufts University in Boston, MA. I am working on a variety of proposals including a submission to a contest at the World Architecture Forum and a range of international development and technology projects.  I am currently working part time at FrontlineSMS in London and expect to travel to Nairobi as part of a research and startup project in the fall.

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Programme: PhD Department of Law & Department of Sociology, 2009

Current Position: Writer

Country: United States of America|

I have worked as both a lawyer and as an academic.  I have a JD from Fordham University, an MSc in Criminal Justice Policy from the LSE and a PhD from the Department of Law and the Department of Sociology (dual registration, supervisors Robert Reiner and Paul Rock). My PhD was a comparative study of the criminal trials of Jack 'Dr. Death' Kevorkian, whose trials I attended from 1996-1999.  Also emanating from the original source of my doctoral field work is a monthly column for 'The New York Resident,' regarding travel, hotels, dining, theatre and the arts, historical sights and spas. I am currently working on a book project.

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