Please see below for profiles of alumni who have studied programmes related to Sociology.

Graduate Degrees (MSc)

Adam W

Programme: MSc City Design and Social Science, 2010

Current Position: Co-Founder, Atlas Workshops

Country: United States of America

After graduating from LSE I moved back to Boston where I founded an international research and design firm called Groupshot where I have been working on technology and social enterprises globally with a focus in Kenya. Recently I founded an educational project-driven travel company called Atlas Workshops and continue my consulting work on the side.

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Programme: MSc Economy, Risk and Society, 2014

Current Position: Strategy Consultant, Risk Management

Country: Lebanon

I graduated from LSE with a MSc. Economy, Risk and Society in December 2014. I am currently working as a consultant in strategy, organization and planning at an insurance and reinsurance group. Having an LSE Masters degree helped me push forward not only my career but my personal life in ways I couldn't have imagined in terms of knowledge, connections or skills. As a junior consultant, I am still looking to strengthen my experience before I open my own consulting firm in the coming 10 years.

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Programme: PhD Department of Law & Department of Sociology, 2009

Current Position: Writer

Country: United States of America

I have worked as both a lawyer and as an academic.  I have a JD from Fordham University, an MSc in Criminal Justice Policy from the LSE and a PhD from the Department of Law and the Department of Sociology (dual registration, supervisors Robert Reiner and Paul Rock). My PhD was a comparative study of the criminal trials of Jack 'Dr. Death' Kevorkian, whose trials I attended from 1996-1999.  Also emanating from the original source of my doctoral field work is a monthly column for 'The New York Resident,' regarding travel, hotels, dining, theatre and the arts, historical sights and spas. I am currently working on a book project.

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Programme: MSc Economy, Risk and Society, 2014

Current Position: Management Consultant, Lufthansa Technik AG

Country: Germany

Having studied Sociology and Psychology in Hamburg, I studied MSc Economy, Risk and Society at LSE in 2013. After graduating from LSE a year later I went back to Germany and started to work for Lufthansa Technik AG in a Consultant role on organizational topics, like governance, policies, change strategies and processes. Although I’m mainly still very much interested in an academic career, I am currently taking my time experiencing the business world – which I hope to do research on in some time.

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Programme: MSc Human Rights, 2014

Current Position: Government Trainee, Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs

Country: Netherlands

My name is Laura, I am 25 years old and I attended the MSc Human Rights programme at LSE, graduating in 2014. After graduating I moved back to the Netherlands, where I worked at a psychological assessment bureau for a year. Currently, I am doing a 2-year trainee programme at the Dutch ministry of Economic Affairs. I am happy to answer any questions you may have about the MSc. programme or about studying at LSE in general.

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