Media and Communications

Please see below for profiles of alumni who have studied programmes related to Media and Communications.

Graduate Degrees (MSc)



Programme: MSc Media and Communication, 2008

Current Position: Sales & Marketing Executive, London

Country: China|

Whilst I was studying at LSE, I worked as a marketing specialist at an innovative online arts exchange company. After my graduation, I did a research project for a social enterprise for disabled children. I'm now a sales and marketing executive responsible for rights and finished programmes sale to Asia, based in London.

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Programme: MSc Media and Communications, 2005

Current Position: Market Research Executive, London

Country: Pakistan|

After completing my MSc in Media and Communications I worked in Pakistan for a year mainly in the academic sector. I then moved to London and started my career in the field of Market Research as a quantitative researcher. I am currently a Senior Research Executive working with clients like BSkyB, Nickelodeon, T-Mobile and Invesco Perpetual.

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Programme: MSc Media and Communication, 2007

Current Position: Communication and Public Relations at the Hellenic Craniofacial Center

Country: Greece|

Since I finished the MSc I have been in charge of Communication and Public Relations at the Hellenic Craniofacial Center. My job involves communication and public relations in the medical field, concerning doctors, hospital administration, staff and patients.

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Programme: MSc Media and Communication, 2009

Current Position: Communications Projects Manager, Alliance Boots, London

Country: China|

After graduating from LSE I worked as an intern for the Patient Safety Team at the World Health Organisation, Geneva Headquarters. Prior to joining Alliance Boots, the largest pharmaceutical distribution group in the world, I was a consultant at the London office of Ogilvy CommonHealth.

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Programme: MSc Media, Communication and Development, 2012

Current Position:  Southeast Asia Programme Assistant, World Conservation Union/International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), Bangkok

Country: India|

I graduated from the MSc programme in Media, Communication and Development with distinction in 2012. During my studies, I had the chance to learn from and engage with professors as well as exchange ideas with my peers. Whilst at LSE, I worked as a research assistant at the Department's media think tank POLIS and at the International Institute for Environment and Development in London. These were great experiences, as was my education at LSE. The degree truly readied me for a future career, and it provided me with invaluable professional and interpersonal skills and capabilities. 

Upon graduation, I worked on an interim contract with the European Union's executive body, the European Commission, based in Brussels, Belgium. I now work at IUCN's (International Union for Conservation of Nature) Asia Regional Office, with postings in Bangkok and Ho Chi Minh City thus far. As IUCN's Programme Assistant for Southeast Asia, my main tasks are related to evaluation of and reporting for EU-funded regional development and environmental conservation initiatives across the SE Asian region. I appreciate applying all that I learnt at LSE to a professional context.

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Programme: MSc Politics and Communication, 2009

Current Position: Political Campaign Consultant

Country: United States of America|

Following my undergraduate studies at the University of California I studied for my masters at LSE. I am now working as a political campaign consultant  back in California at a firm that specializes in ballot measure campaigns nationwide.

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Programme: MSc Politics and Communications, 2009

Country: United States of America|

I have a MSc in Politics and Communications which I received in 2009, and I also hold a Bachelor's Degree in Political Science from American University in Washington, D.C. I have worked on several political campaigns in the U.S. and directly after my LSE studies went to work for a polling firm in Washington. My expertise is in political campaigning, and I look forward to talking with you further about attending the London School of Economics.

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