International Relations

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Undergraduate Degrees (BSc)


Programme: BSc International Relations, 2009

Current Position: Student - MSc Social Policy and Development, LSE

Country: Sri Lanka|

I am currently reading a MSc in Social Policy and Development at the LSE, following which I hope to get into the field of International Development.

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Programme: BSc International Relations and History, 2011

Current Position: Institute Administrator (Institutes of Commonwealth and Latin American Studies), School of Advanced Study, University of London

Country: Belgium|

Since graduating in 2011 I have been working at the University of London and am currently undertaking a  part-time MA in European History at Birkbeck, University of London.

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Study Abroad (General Course)



Programme: The General Course, (International Relations focus), 2013

Current Position: Senior Year Student, University of Southern California

Country: United States of America|

I am completing my senior year at USC for the 2013-2014 academic year, and plan to work in the financial services industry following graduation. I welcome any and all questions about the General Course and life after studying abroad!

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Graduate Degrees (MSc)


Programme: MSc Comparative Politics (Conflict Studies), 2009

Current Position: MRes/PhD student in Political Science, LSE

Country: Romania|

I am currently an MRes/PhD student in Political Science in the Government Department at the LSE. I am researching electoral behaviour and clientelism for my PhD thesis. I graduated with merit in MSc in Comparative Politics (Conflict Studies Stream) also at LSE. My undergraduate studies were in economics and international relations. I've conducted part of my undergraduate studies in France, at the Universite d'Orleans, but I graduated in Bucharest, at the Academy of Economic Studies, in 2008.

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Programme: MSc European Political Economy, 2002

Current Position: Economist at the Bank of Greece

Country: Greece|

In 2003 I joined Shell Oil as a Business Analyst in the Lubricants Supply Chain Europe team, working mainly on cost modelling. In 2004, I moved to the Bank of Greece as an Economist in the Economic Research Department, where I have been working ever since. During this period, I was seconded at the European Central Bank in Frankfurt for 2 years (2009-2010) at the External Economic Developments Division. My main tasks involved the analysis of cross-border financial flows, the impact of price and cost competitiveness on trade and the macro-economic surveillance of countries in the euro area.

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Programme: MSc European Political Economy: Integration, 2006

Current Position: Officer in the department of Strategy, Economic Analysis and International Relations of the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission

Country: Cyprus|

After graduating from LSE in 2006 with an MSc in European Political Economy: Integration, I have been employed as an Officer of the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission - the supervisory Authority of the Cyprus capital market. The Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission's responsibility of overseeing such a dynamic and complex industry makes my work both challenging and rewarding. As such, it offers me the chance to develop an in-depth knowledge of a plethora of subjects, including regulation, compliance, finance, law, accountancy and public policy. Having a highly esteemed LSE degree in my CV may well have given me this unique opportunity.

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Programme: MSc European Politics, 2007

Current Position: Regulatory expert at Ofgem

Country: France|

After my MSc in European Politics, I went to Brussels and worked as a Member of the European Parliament assistant. Then I came back to London and switched sides, the lobbying side, where I worked as European Public Affairs Advisor in a consumer organisation. I am now working for Ofgem, the electricity and gas GB regulator, still specialised on European issues.

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Programme: MSc International Political Economy, 2009

Current Position: Associate, Market Research

Country:  United States of America|

My studies in International Political Economy at the LSE helped to hone my analytical capacity, developing skills that are directly applicable to my current work as an associate in a market research firm.

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Melissa G

Programme: MSc International Political Economy, 2010

Current Position: Young Professional Program, Development Bank of Southern Africa

Country: South Africa|

I am currently in the Young Professional Program at the Development Bank of Southern Africa. The programme is for a year and I am currently involved in promoting the work of the Bank and enhancing the prominence of the DBSA brand. The Bank has a holistic approach to development finance: we don't just look at loaning money but also focus on ensuring that those who have been entrusted with money are taught the necessary skills.  

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Programme: MSc International Political Economy, 2009

Current Position: Seeking Employment

Country:  United States of America|

In 2009 I completed an MSc in International Political Economy at LSE and more recently finished a second year of study in international affairs at Columbia University. Though I'm still searching for a full-time job, my interests are in business/economic journalism, as well as international economic policy. I'm considering working in the journalism, think-tank, and public sectors. While at LSE, I interned with a Liberal Democrat MP and at the Financial Times.

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Programme: MSc International Political Economy (Double Degree with Sciences Po, Paris), 2009

Current Position: US Census

Country:  United States of America|

I am currently searching for management training programs in the Chicago area and working for the US Census 2010. I attended Boston University from 2002-2006, majoring in History and International Relations. I also minored in French and studied abroad in both Paris and New Zealand. In 2007, I began the LSE/Sciences Po double degree program in International Political Economy. I would love to answer any questions for incoming students, especially those entering the double degree program.

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Adam L

Programme: MSc International Relations, 2009

Current Position: Consultant in the Defense Industry

Country:  United States of America|

Following my program at LSE, I worked in Brussels, Belgium, and I am now currently living in the USA and working as a consultant in the defence industry advising clients on a range of security threats.

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Programme: MSc International Relations, 2012

Current Position: Consultant, Ernst & Young LLP, Glasgow

Country: United Kingdom|

I joined EY as a Consultant in Glasgow in September 2013. I am part of the Risk Advisory Service, working over all of Scotland and the UK on clients of various sizes - from local bespoke service clients through to global firms. The work I have been doing primarily focuses on mitigating risk associated with IT and financial reporting. 

The role requires a lot of travelling and liaising with teams from around the world. Studying at LSE has given me an excellent global network and appreciation of other cultures, allowing me to connect with peers in a deeper way than I would have previously been able to. The skills gained from my time at LSE have greatly helped in pursuing and securing this career but the analytical and critical mindset fostered by the School has helped me face the daily challenges with confidence.

I will be happy to answer any questions you have about my experience at LSE and how it has affected my career path.

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Marco D

Programme: MSc International Relations, 2009

Current Position: Analyst, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Tirana, Albania

Country: Italy|

Since 2011, I serve as an Analyst in the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) country office in Tirana, Albania, focusing on strategic programme management of development assistance. Before joining UNDP, I worked as Research Fellow at Carnegie Europe, the pan-European office of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace in Brussels. My previous experience in multilateral organisations has centred on crisis management, electoral governance, and disarmament affairs, including research assistant positions at NATO Headquarters, the Organization of Security and Cooperation in Europe, the Foreign Affairs Committee of the European Parliament, and the Permanent Mission of Italy to the United Nations in New York. My research interests focus on the role of multilateral organizations in development policy and security governance. In this context, I pursue off-site collaboration with think tanks and research centres, including Chatham House, writing policy articles on international affairs.

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Programme: MSc International Relations, 2005

Current Position:   Secretary, Australian Embassy, Bangkok

Country: Australia|

After completing an MSc in International Relations at LSE I returned to Australia where I completed a PhD at the University of New South Wales. I then joined the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and am now working as Third Secretary (Political) in the Australian Embassy, Bangkok. I have published on topics of international security and African conflict.

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Programme:   MSc International Relations, 2005

Current Position: Assistant Professor and Coordinator of the Academic Area in International Relations, Universidad EAFIT

Country: Colombia|

When I returned to Colombia after LSE I worked for two years as Director of the Governor's Office for the Governorship of Antioquia, getting involved in the region's process of internationalization and different social policy programs. After that I worked for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as General Manager of the OAS General Assembly. Since 2009 I returned to my home University to work as a lecturer and as Coordinator of the International Relations Academic Area. I am also a researched in the field of Latin American Politics and environmental issues.

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Programme: MSc International Relations,  2004

Current Position: Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, University at Albany, SUNY

Country:  United States of America|

I am currently a professor of International Relations at the University at Albany, SUNY, following my Ph.D. at Princeton University.  I have previously worked for the National Democratic Institute, the United Nations Department of Political Affairs, and the Democratic Progressive Party of Taiwan.  I have also conducted small projects for the Institute for International Education, the International Center for Transitional Justice, and the Natural Resource Governance Institute.

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Programme:   MSc Theory and History of International Relations, 2007

Current Position: International Licensing Manager, Haymarket Media

Country: Mexico|

I started my career in international publishing sales first working at Oxford University Press where I was in charge of Educational sales in Europe and Latin America, which involved frequent travel to meet customers and promote our titles. I then accepted a position as International Sales Manager for a London-based publisher, GL Education. This was a step up for me as I am in charge of promoting our titles in the whole world. At the end of my role with GL I got interested in licensing and copyright and I was offered a role at Haymarket Media in the Licensing department where I have been since 2013.

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Programme: MSc Political Economy, 2003

Current Position: Fix Income Trader, Bank of China

Country: China|

I am a trader, responsible for RMB derivatives and cash bonds. I enjoy this challenging life and give thanks to LSE for changing my life.

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Programme: MSc Theory and History of International Relations, 2007

Current Position: Second Secretary, Political Affairs, Embassy of Israel

Country: Israel|

Life since my MSc at LSE has taken me to the diplomatic service, passing through a one year stint in a corporate strategy consulting firm. Since joining the Israeli diplomatic corps. and completing a six month training programme, I worked as a desk officer at HQ and have now been posted to New Delhi. Both the academic programme and the experience of sharing student life with friends from around the globe at LSE have given me very important tools for my line of work.

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