International History

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Undergraduate Degrees (BA, BSc) Study Abroad (General Course) Graduate Degrees (MSc)

Undergraduate Degrees (BA, BSc)

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Shu Wen

Programme: BA History, 2012

Current Position: Social Science Editor, World Scientific Publishing and Imperial College Press, Singapore

Country: Singapore

I am a social science editor with World Scientific Publishing and Imperial College Press. I've always been interested in going into the publishing industry and being a history graduate has not been of any disadvantage to me in applying for work experience/jobs in this field. In fact, my background and interest in history has opened a lot of doors for me and I have fortunate enough to edit many books related to my interests in Middle East history and current affairs. I have also been able to meet a lot of academics, consultants and intellectuals to discuss publishing opportunities-- to sum up, bringing history and political science topics to life and to print has been very rewarding so far!

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Programme: BSc International Relations and History, 2011

Current Position: Events and Marketing Officer and Human Rights Consortium Administrator, University of London

Country: Belgium

Since graduating in 2011 I have been working at the University of London and am currently undertaking a  part-time MA in European History at Birkbeck, University of London.

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Study Abroad (General Course)

 Lucy resized


Programme: The General Course (International History focus), 2014

Current Position: Student, Bard College

During my time at LSE I took courses in the International History department and was a part of the Student-Staff Liaison committee. I would love to share my experience or answer any questions regarding the General Course. I am currently in my last year of university, but in the past have held research positions with Bard College and the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs at Harvard University

Country: USA

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Graduate Degrees (MSc)


Programme: MSc History of International Relations, 2015

Current Position: Corporate News Writer,  The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU)

Country: India

I am currently a Corporate News Writer/Companies Analyst with the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU). I cover news on companies in various sectors such as automotive, telecommunications and consumer goods. I graduated from LSE in 2015 and headed back to India to contribute to the field of journalism here. I started my career as a Sub-editor at an online youth portal, heading to two other startups before joining the EIU in October 2016. My skills as a researcher and writer which I honed at LSE helped me tackle the challenging role of a business journalist at EIU with ease. I also work as a Reporter for Fair Observer, an American publication. I am currently developing my own website which seeks to educate the Indian youth on politics and political processes in India. My LSE history degree helped me to broaden my world-view and be a conscientious reporter. During my time at LSE, I wrote for the Students@LSE and SouthAsia@LSE blog. I also helped set up the Houghton Street Review (HSR). LSE opened the doors to the world for me, and I hope to share my experience with fellow and aspiring students from both India and abroad.

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Programme: MSc Theory and History of International Relations, 2009

Current Position:   Production, CNN, London

Country: Australia

Straight after LSE I started at CNN in the London Bureau. I'm still there, working in production and hoping to parlay the experience into field reporting in South America.

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Programme: MSc History of International Relations, 2014

Current Position: Account Associate, W2O Group

Country: Germany

Having worked in media and communications prior to my MSc at LSE, I was keen to go back into this area. I now work at a corporate communications agency specialising in corporate pharmaceutical communications. 

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Programme: MSc History of International Relations, 2016

Current Position: Diplomat, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand

Country: Thailand

I graduated from the LSE with a MSc in History of International Relations. I am currently in the diplomatic service at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand (Third Secretary).

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Programme: MSc Theory and History of International Relations, 2007

Current Position: Second Secretary, Political Affairs, Embassy of Israel

Country: Israel

Life since my MSc at LSE has taken me to the diplomatic service, passing through a one year stint in a corporate strategy consulting firm. Since joining the Israeli diplomatic corps. and completing a six month training programme, I worked as a desk officer at HQ and have now been posted to New Delhi. Both the academic programme and the experience of sharing student life with friends from around the globe at LSE have given me very important tools for my line of work.

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Programme: BA International History; MSc History of International Relations

Current Position: Consultant, Axia Limited

Country: USA

I graduated from the LSE with an undergraduate degree in 2010 and a master’s degree in 2011. As a master’s student, I interned for a UK minister (through the LSE) and presented research findings at academic conferences. Since graduating, I have worked as a strategy consultant at both large and boutique firms working to identify new markets, growing companies, and conducting cost and competitive analyses. Throughout these experiences, I have maintained a strong interest in entrepreneurship and am an active participate in the London, New York and Boston startup scenes.

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