International Development

Please see below for profiles of alumni who have studied programmes related to International Development. 

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Graduate Degrees (MSc)




Programme: MSc Development Studies, 2009

Current Position:  Senior Economist, Economic Consulting Associates, London

Country: New Zealand|

Prior to my move from Wellington to London to study at LSE, I studied finance to a postgraduate level, and spent three years working in investment banking. Since graduating from LSE in 2009, I have undertaken a brief consultancy in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, worked for 18 months developing agriculture businesses in East and Southern Africa, and have spent the last two years working in economic consulting, mainly on energy and water market regulatory and investment assignments.

I've been privileged to travel to many interesting countries, and have undertaken all sorts of interesting assignments for a range of different clients, including government ministries and agencies, development partners and private companies.

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Programme: MSc Development Studies, 2008

Current Position:   Manager, Dam Safety Programme, Damwatch Services Ltd.

Country: New Zealand|

I am a civil engineer, specialising in dams and dam safety. Dams and their role in development are controversial, and yet also a necessary part of water and renewable energy management. After completing my MSc in Development Studies, I have returned to work in a dam engineering firm, and have been able to instigate leads and participate in dam related aid projects with significantly broader and deeper knowledge of the complex drivers for not only donor agencies and governments, but also developing countries.

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Programme: MSc Media, Communication and Development, 2012

Current Position: Southeast Asia Programme Assistant, World Conservation Union/International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), Bangkok

Country: India|

I graduated from the MSc programme in Media, Communication and Development with distinction in 2012. During my studies, I had the chance to learn from and engage with professors as well as exchange ideas with my peers. Whilst at LSE, I worked as a research assistant at the Department's media think tank POLIS and at the International Institute for Environment and Development in London. These were great experiences, as was my education at LSE. The degree truly readied me for a future career, and it provided me with invaluable professional and interpersonal skills and capabilities. 

Upon graduation, I worked on an interim contract with the European Union's executive body, the European Commission, based in Brussels, Belgium. I now work at IUCN's (International Union for Conservation of Nature) Asia Regional Office, with postings in Bangkok and Ho Chi Minh City thus far. As IUCN's Programme Assistant for Southeast Asia, my main tasks are related to evaluation of and reporting for EU-funded regional development and environmental conservation initiatives across the SE Asian region. I appreciate applying all that I learnt at LSE to a professional context.

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Hu Chaoyi


Programme: MSc Political Economy of Late Development, 2010

Current Position: Program Officer, China Social Entrepreneur Foundation (YouChange Foundation)

Country: China|

After graduating from LSE I went back to China and worked as a translator at the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), an international humanitarian organization. I am now a program officer at China Social Entrepreneur Foundation (YouChange Foundation).

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Programme: MSc Social Policy and Development, 2009

Current Position: Research Analyst, National Conference of State Legislatures

Country: United States of America|

After graduating I moved back to Colorado and was hired as a research analyst in the health program at the National Conference of State Legislatures. While Denver is becoming a hub for public policy organizations, I believe that a master's from LSE contributed to my new position at a prestigious national organization.

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Mohammad Waqas

Programme: MSc Social Policy and Development, 2009

Current Position: Acting Director (South Asia), Institute of Strategic Studies, Islamabad

Country: Pakistan|

After doing the MSc in Social Policy and Development, I decided to focus on environmental economics and carbon finance and joinedÉcoRessources, a Canadian environmental economics company with offices in Lima, Peru. I am now working as a researcher at the Institute of Strategic Studies in Islamabad.

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Research Degrees (PhD)



Programme: PhD Development Studies, 2010

Current Position: Associate Professor, Department of International Relations, Universidad del Rosario, Bogotá, Colombia

Country: Germany|

I graduated from LSE with a PhD in Development Studies in 2010. I spent two full years in London working on my dissertation before heading off to do fieldwork in Colombia. Since 2004 I have been living and working in Bogotá, first at the Universidad de los Andes and now at the Universidad del Rosario.

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