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Undergraduate Degrees (BSc) Study Abroad (General Course) Graduate Degrees (MPA, MSc)

Undergraduate Degrees (BSc)



Programme: BSc Government and Economics, 2006

Current Position: Manager, IE Singapore

Country:  Singapore

I am currently a Manager at IE Singapore, a Singapore government agency that promotes trade, exports and investments overseas. My role includes project identification and development work with multilateral institutions such as the World Bank, International Finance Corporation and other regional development banks. The work gives me an insight into public sector processes (sometimes frustrating), infrastructure development and overseas development assistance. LSE has been a great foundation for this, not just for the courses I took there, but giving a level of comfort in dealing with people from every part of the world.

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Programme: BSc Government and Economics, 2004

Current Position: Research and Acquisitions

Country: Hong Kong

After graduating from LSE I moved to New York to join a private equity real estate opportunity fund. After two years in New York, I transferred to Hong Kong to help start the office and the direct investment efforts in Mainland China. Since moving to Hong Kong, my responsibilities are best summed up as leading and coordinating due diligence efforts by organizing third party consultants, developing underwriting assumptions and preparing market analysis for potential acquisitions and existing assets in Greater China.

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Omer Updated


Programme: BSc Government and Economics, MSc Politics and Government in the European Union,  2009

Current Position: Researcher at Turkish National Police Academy

Country: Turkey

Upon graduation I worked at a think tank in Turkey. I am now preparing to begin a PhD in political science at Florida International University.

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Programme: BSc Government and Economics; MSc Politics and Government in the European Union, 2009

Current Position:  PhD Candidate, Washington University in St Louis

Country: Turkey

After spending four years at LSE, I will be starting a PhD program this summer in political science at Washington University in St. Louis.

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Study Abroad (General Course)



Programme: General Course (Government focus),  1974

Current Position: Professor of Political Science, UCLA Visiting Senior Research Scholar, Princeton University

Country: United States of America

I  am Professor of Political Science at UCLA and, currently, Visiting Senior Research Scholar at the Woodrow Wilson School of Princeton University. After spending 1973-74 on the General Course at LSE, I returned to the University of California at Berkeley, where I completed my B.A. I then received Ph.D. in Government from Cornell University and taught at Wesleyan University before moving to UCLA in 1989. I study politics in both developed and less developed nations.

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Muhammad Shayan

Programme: The General Course (Government focus), 2010

Current Position: Digital Advertising Operations Trafficker, Yahoo Inc., New York 

Country: Pakistan

I established a great network of friends during my year at LSE, which ultimately helped me secure a position my first internship in Search Engine Optimization in NYC. I am currently a Digital Ad Operational Trafficker, and work across various advertising platform to launch, track, manage and optimize campaigns for major commercial brands. Networking with people from all over the world and indulging in a fantastic curriculum helped me progress in my academic and professional life.

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Graduate Degrees (MPA, MSc)



Programme: MSc Politics and Government in the European Union

Current Position: Caseworker, Emily Thornberry MP

Country: UK

Whilst studying for my Masters at the LSE I also interned in Emily Thornberry MP's constituency office one day a week. I got this opportunity through the LSE careers service - a scheme called the Parliamentary Internship scheme - and it quickly became clear that this was something that I could see myself doing long term. When a job opportunity came up in the office I jumped at it and I am now on the MP's core team going into the General Election this May. My day-to-day job involves dealing with constituents and helping them with problems that range from housing issues to immigration applications, problems with their benefits to detailed questions regarding Emily's stance on key political issues of the day. I also do a lot of campaigning in the constituency and worked on the local elections in 2014.

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Programme:   MSc Comparative Politics, 2008

Current Position: Policy and social analysis on mining and energy sectors in Peru

Country: Peru

I personally believe that my experience in London changed my life in several aspects. Beyond the outstanding academic level, sharing a class, a coffee or a beer with people from all around the globe was amazing. I think that more Peruvians should follow the same path. I graduated from LSE in 2008 and am currently working for Golder Associates.

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Programme: MSc Comparative Politics, 2008

Current Position: Third Secretary, Irish Department of Foreign Affairs

Country: Ireland

I'm currently working as a Third Secretary, the entry level for the Irish diplomatic service. I've take the scenic route to my current position. I spent just under two years in Brussels, first working as a trainee with the EU's external affairs service and then as a member of local staff at the Mission of Japan to the EU. Prior to my time in Brussels I worked as a Research Associate and Assistant Editor at RUSI, a defence and security studies think tank in London. I was an intern at RUSI during my MSc and then was taken on as a full member of staff when I finished.

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Programme: MSc Comparative Politics and Markets,  2009

Current Position: Local Political Campaign Manager

Country: United States of America

I currently work for an early stage electric vehicle company which makes an electric vehicle and EV technology. I'm also managing a local political campaign on a part-time basis.   

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Programme: MSc Global Politics, 2006

Current Position: Faculty, Niels Brock Copenhagen Business College

Country: Singapore

I am a former Management Consultant, currently serving as a faculty member at a local business college in Copenhagen. In this capacity, I teach courses in Management/Economics, and also advise students thinking about graduate school on a voluntary basis. Concurrently, I work with issues of Economic Diplomacy and Development with the Embassy of Angola to the Nordic region.

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Programme: MSc Global Politics, 2009

Current Position: Consultant, Ernst & Young, London

Country: United Kingdom

Since graduating from LSE, I have found that having a Masters degree has really thrust me onto the shortlists of different public sector jobs. After graduation, I first decided to work for an MP to gain some experience, and got a place with David Laws MP who offered me a role as a Political Assistant and Researcher. Through that I managed to move laterally and get an Executive Officer role at the House of Commons working for the Civil Service and now work as a Consultant on the Graduate Programme at Ernst & Young where I have focused on helping Central Government clients improve their business process performance.

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Programme: MSc Politics and Communications, 2009

Country: United States of America

I have a MSc in Politics and Communications which I received in 2009, and I also hold a Bachelor's Degree in Political Science from American University in Washington, D.C. I currently work as a political consultant in Washington, however I have also worked as a pollster, PR specialist and journalist as well as on several campaigns at all different levels since college.My expertise is in political campaigning, and I look forward to talking with you further about attending the London School of Economics.

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Programme: MSc Politics and Government in the European Union, 2008

Current Position: Associate, Top 4 UK Accounting Firm

Country Canada

After a two-year work experience in London with a UK based international charity, I studied at the European Institute where I was actively involved in student activities and made good friends with people in my programme, most of whom I still see once a year for a class reunion in Brussels. Following my studies at LSE, I worked in the UK Civil Service for a while before moving onto a position in Public Sector Assurance for one of the major UK accounting firms. 

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Programme: MSc Politics and Government in the European Union, 2011

Current Position: Project Manager, Mercator Program Center for International Affairs

Country: Germany

I work as a project manager in charge of the international Fellowship Programme at Mercator Foundation, a leading private NGO in Germany that conducts various projects focussing on international relations (and Europe in particular). Prior to my current position, I worked for the Bertelsmann Foundation’s Education and Migration department and the International Labour Organisation (ILO) in Geneva. Within the ILO, I worked for the International Migration Branch, before I joined Mercator Foundation in May 2013 in the context of a Management-Traineeship.

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Programme: BSc Government and Economics, MSc Politics and Government in the European Union,  2009

Current Position: PhD Candidate, Florida International University

Country: Turkey

Upon graduation I worked at a think tank in Turkey. I am now preparing to begin a PhD in political science at Florida International University.

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Programme: BSc Government and Economics; MSc Politics and Government in the European Union, 2009

Current Position:  PhD Candidate, Washington University in St Louis

Country: Turkey

After spending four years at LSE, I will be starting a PhD program this summer in political science at Washington University in St. Louis.

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Aarohi updated


Programme: MPA Public and Economic Policy, 2010

Current Position: International Development Consulting Firm

Country: India

Prior to LSE, I worked in the area of Finance and Development in India. After my MPA, I worked with a Policy Think Tank in London and worked extensively on Fragile and Post Conflict States in Africa and Asia. Currently, I am working for an ID Consulting firm in Australia where my work focuses on the Pacific and SE Asia region. I am trained to implement DCED Standard for M&E on Private Sector Development Programs. I also hold an MBA and an honours degree in Economics.

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Programme: MSc Public Policy, 2006

Current Position: Executive Director, Nevada Assembly Democratic Caucus, Las Vegas

Country: United States of America

Since graduating from the LSE, I have started a career in American politics. I started working in the swing state of Iowa, ran the Iowa Caucuses, and have since moved to Las Vegas, Nevada where I am currently the Executive Director of the Assembly Democrats.

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Programme: MSc Public Policy and Administration

Current Position:  Analyst, Belmana Ltd

Country: Denmark

I am currently working as a quantitative analyst in an economic consulting firm in London. I spend most days crunching numbers and solving analytical tasks for our clients that span from central government departments to charities. I graduated from LSE in 2014 and chose to try my luck with London work life. So far, so good.

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patrick reilly


Programme: MSc Public Policy and Administration, 2008

Current Position: Foreign Affairs Officer, US Department of State

Country: United States of America

I am currently a Foreign Affairs Officer with the US Department of State. I entered government as a 2008 Presidential Management Fellow after being nominated by LSE. In my two years at the Department of State I have served in assignments both domestically and abroad.

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Programme: MSc Regulation, 2014

Current Position: Chief of the Legal Department, CDEC SIC (Independent Electricity System Operator)

Country: Chile

Before I went to LSE I was working as an in-house lawyer at a generation company. After my studies at LSE, I was offered a job as the head of the legal department in the largest Independent Electricity System Operator (ISO) in Chile. Since the ISO is a relevant regulatory actor in the electricity market, the education I received in my master's at LSE has been an exceptional input for my work. Currently I am also teaching private law at the Universidad de Chile. 

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Programme: MSc Regulation, 2014

Current Position: Consultant (Independent)

Country: Chile

Consultant in Corporate Affairs, Lecturer at UAI MSc in Regulation, LSE Master in Business Law, UAI BSc in Business Administration, UAI

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