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Undergraduate Degrees (BSc) Study Abroad (General Course) Graduate Degrees (MSc)

Undergraduate Degrees (BSc)



Programme: BSc Econometrics and Mathematical Economics, 2012

Current Position: Global Markets Operations Analyst, HSBC, London

Country: Pakistan

The 3 years at LSE were truly rewarding in making me ready for any career path I chose. I am currently a Global Markets Operations Analyst at HSBC in London, hoping to make a difference in the current financial markets.

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Anh Tuc

Anh Tuc

Programme: BSc Economics, MSc Management, 2008

Current Position: Consultant in Strategy and Management, ParisTech, Paris

Country: Vietnam

After a BSc in Economics and a CEMS MSc in International Management between LSE and HEC Paris, I am now working in Paris as a consultant for large scale scientific projects at ParisTech, in Paris. My job involves, among other tasks, economic analysis, financial modelling, drafting business plans and presentation to partners/clients. I plan to integrate a professional consulting firm in the near future.

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Programme: BSc Economics, 2010

Current Position: Director, Niveda Group, London

Country: Kenya

While reading BSc Economics at LSE, I gained exposure to a multitude of career options ranging from wealth management to entrepreneurship. I am currently the Co-Founder and Director of the Niveda Group - a multi-family office with two core sectors of focus, real estate and commodities.

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Programme: BSc Economics, 2004

Current Position: Assistant Director, Board of Investment, Mauritius

Country: Mauritius

I am currently working as Assistant Director with the Board of Investment of Mauritius, the national agency responsible for investment promotion and facilitation in the country. I have had a very enriching career path since I left LSE working for leading players in the field of banking and finance and aviation.

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Programme: BSc Economics, 2006

Current Position:   Senior Commodity Analyst, Thomson Reuters GFMS, London

Country: Malaysia

Since graduating from LSE in 2006, I have taken up a host of roles both in the private and public sector. I started my career in Barclays as a graduate analyst under their equity capital markets rotation programme. Thereafter, I took up an opportunity in Asia to work for a sovereign wealth fund with the Malaysia government where I was involved in developing high impact national projects to help attract foreign investments into the country. The role subsequently opened up doors to explore the commodities sector which is my present role, an analyst covering the metals and mining sector.

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Programme: BSc Economics, 2009

Current Position: Client Relationship Associate at RBS Coutts, Singapore

Country: Singapore

After graduating from LSE in July 2009, I spent almost 6 months travelling and taking part in several courses to enable me to decide what I would like to pursue as a career. I moved to Singapore (I am a Permanent Resident here) in January 2010 and took up several internships such as: Research Analyst at Arete Financial Partners, and a short stint at ANZ Retail and Wealth. During the second part of the year, I was offered to take on the role of Client Relationship Associate at RBS Coutts, and have been working there since.

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Programme: BSc Economics and Finance, 2009

Current Position: Management Exectutive, Pak-Arab Refinery Limited (PARCO), Karachi

Country: Pakistan

After scoring 2:1 in BSc Economics and Finance I opted for continuing my studies at The University of Nottingham with majors in Finance and Investment. I received Gold Course Representative award out of 684 fellow students from all over the world. After Master’s degree I got Internship in Barclays Corporate and then I did job in SNL Financials as Research Analyst. Later I was appointed as Corporate Relationship Manager in MCB Bank Limited (Pakistan). Currently I am working as Management Executive (Corporate Planning Division) and here I provide analytical and research support for feasibility studies for new investment projects.

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Programme: BSc Economics and Management, 2007

Current Position: Professor of Economics, Institute of Business Management, Karachi

Country: Pakistan

I am currently working as an officer at the Management Excellence Centre, Institute of Business Management and an instructor of Economics at the Department of Economics, CESD, IoBM. I am the nominated Project Assistant for this Consultancy.

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Programme: BSc Government and Economics, 2006

Current Position: Manager, IE Singapore

Country: Singapore

I am currently a Manager at IE Singapore, a Singapore government agency that promotes trade, exports and investments overseas. My role includes project identification and development work with multilateral institutions such as the World Bank, International Finance Corporation and other regional development banks. The work gives me an insight into public sector processes (sometimes frustrating), infrastructure development and overseas development assistance. LSE has been a great foundation for this, not just for the courses I took there, but giving a level of comfort in dealing with people from every part of the world.

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Programme: BSc Government and Economics, 2004

Current Position: Research and Acquisitions

Country: Hong Kong

After graduating from LSE I moved to New York to join a private equity real estate opportunity fund. After two years in New York, I transferred to Hong Kong to help start the office and the direct investment efforts in Mainland China. Since moving to Hong Kong, my responsibilities are best summed up as leading and coordinating due diligence efforts by organizing third party consultants, developing underwriting assumptions and preparing market analysis for potential acquisitions and existing assets in Greater China.

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Omer Updated


Programme: BSc Government and Economics, MSc Politics and Government in the European Union,  2009

Current Position: Researcher at Turkish National Police Academy

Country: Turkey

Upon graduation I worked at a think tank in Turkey. I am now preparing to begin a PhD in political science at Florida International University.

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Programme: BSc Government and Economics; MSc Politics and Government in the European Union, 2009

Current Position:  PhD Candidate, Washington University in St Louis

Country: Turkey

After spending four years at LSE, I will be starting a PhD program this summer in political science at Washington University in St. Louis.

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Programme: BSc Mathematics and Economics, 2006

Current Position: Financial Services Group, Deloitte

Country: United Kingdom

I was an Executive Member of the LSE Student Union, played football for the LSE Athletics Union (for which I was awarded colours), and wrote for the student paper, The Beaver. I received honorary lifetime membership of the Union for my contributions. I currently work at Deloitte in their Financial Services Group and have qualified as a Chartered Accountant. I am also the head of a diversity network for the firm. Since graduating, I have also co-founded a social enterprise which assists students with their graduate job applications, and donates all proceeds to charity.

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Study Abroad (General Course)



Programme: General Course (Economics and Economic History focus), 2009

Current Position: Managing Partner of Analyze Capital LLC

Country: United States of America

After leaving LSE I have finished my economics degree in New York. Since then, I have been managing and developing a global hedge fund management firm.

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Programme:  The General Course, Economics & Management, 2015

Current Position: Officer of Finance & Strategy, LegalPad

Country:  USA

Since leaving the LSE, I have continued my Economics and Finance studies at Babson College. Apart from pursuing a career in tmt investment banking, I have taken an administrative role in organising the Italia Innovation Program sponsored by Stanford University. In this capacity, I have utilized my contacts, and have brought in prestigious Italian brands such as Tods, FIAT Chrysler, as well as numerous highly influential business and academic professionals- such as Sergio Marchionne (Ceo of Fiat). 

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Programme: The General Course (Economics and Economic History focus), 2006

Current Position: Attorney, Law Office of Jeremy Tenser Limited

Country: Canada

After the General Course, I returned to Cornell University in Ithaca, NY to complete my undergraduate degree in economics. Upon graduating from Cornell, I returned to my home country of Canada to attend law school. In the summers during law school, I worked at the National Hockey League Players' Association (NHLPA) in the Labour Department, where I drafted the legal briefs in support of NHL players who filed for salary arbitration. Upon graduating law school, I moved to Los Angeles, California where I am currently an attorney practicing at a boutique entertainment law firm.

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Jeffrey K

Programme: The General Course (Economics focus), 2014

Current Position: The Parthenon Group/ Ernst & Young, Associate Consultant

Country: USA

I am currently working at The Parthenon Group / Ernst & Young in San Francisco. The group focuses on private equity due diligence, as well as M&A and corporate strategy.

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Graduate Degrees (MSc)



Programme: MSc Econometrics, 2000

Current Position: Risk Manager, JPMorgan

Country: France

I am a Risk Manager, Specialised in Commodities. My interests lie in Emerging Markets, Physical and Financial Commodities and Risk Management.

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David L

Programme: MSc Economics, 2014

Current Position: Consultant, The United Nations

Country: Hong Kong

I graduated from LSE in 2014 with MSc Economics. At the moment I am working as a consultant with the United Nations focusing on the economics of natural disasters. 

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Oliver Rakau


Programme: MSc Economics, 2009

Current Position: Economist at Deutsche Bank

Country: Germany

For the last two years I have been working as a macroeconomist in Deutsche Bank's European economics team, where I focus mostly on the German economy. Previously I had been a sector analyst, also at DB. I joined the bank directly after graduating from LSE in 2009.

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Programme: MSc Economics

Current Position:  PhD Student, London Business School

Country: Azerbaijan

Upon completion of my MSc Economics degree from LSE I joined the State Oil Fund of Azerbaijan as a fixed income trader. In the meantime, I did some consulting work for the World Bank and ECO, and taught undergraduate economics at local universities. Currently I am a PhD student in economics at LBS.

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Programme: MSc in Economics (Research), 2009, MSc in Statistics (Research), 2011

Current Position: Deputy Director (Principal), Prudential Standard Office, Financial Service Agency

Country: Japan

After graduating from Univ.Tokyo (Dept.Econ) and formulating economic outlook of Japanese government in 2006-08 as an economist of Cabinet Office, I started to study economics and statistics in London School of Economics (LSE). My degrees were very useful when I was engaged in the surveillance of foreign financial institutions at Bank of Japan (BOJ). Currently, I am working for Prudential Standard Office, Financial Service Agency (FSA) as deputy director (principal). As prudence policy consists of macro prudence and micro prudence, the former requires the knowledge of macroeconomics while the latter requires the knowledge of statistical model. Therefore, If you wish to be a supervisor of financial sector, I strongly encourage you to study at (one of) these courses at LSE. Please do not hesitate to make enquiries by sending E-mail to me.

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Programme: MSc Finance and Economics, 2002

Current Position: Managing Director, EFG-Hermes, Dubai

Country: Lebanon

After LSE, I joined the military service for a year. I then joined JPMorgan as a credit derivatives trader for 4 years. In 2007, I moved back to the Middle East and joined EFG-Hermes in Dubai where I am currently a Managing Director.

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Programme: MSc Global Market Economics, 2004

Current Position: Senior Investment Professional, Crescent Enterprises International, Dubai, UAE

Country: United Kingdom

Since leaving LSE, I joined HSBC’s investment banking team in Hong Kong to focus on mergers and acquisitions and capital markets advisory. After spending a few years there, I moved to Citigroup in the same professional function to focus on UK clients. Post this global investment banking experience of several years, I moved over to the private equity and venture capital space in the Middle East where I currently work as a senior investment professional.

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Programme: MSc Urban and Regional Economics, 1973

Current Position: Consultant/coach to United Nations agencies

County: Italy

Manager in the World Bank in the field of rural and agricultural development and environmental conservation; sectoral analysis and investment. Worked in Costa Rican presidency on social development programs, municipal and regional development.

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