Economic History

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Study Abroad (General Course) Graduate Degrees (MSc)

Study Abroad (General Course)


Programme: General Course (Economics and Economic History focus) , 2009

Current Position: Managing Partner of Analyze Capital LLC

Country: United States of America

After leaving LSE I have finished my economics degree in New York. Since then, I have been managing and developing a global hedge fund management firm.

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Programme: BSc Economic History, 2011

Current Position: Associate, DW Healthcare Partners

Country: United States of America

I'm currently an Associate at a healthcare-focused PE fund. Prior to this role, I was an Economic Policy Fellow at the US Senate, where I focused on entitlement reform while advising on a range of domestic- and international-policy issues. Before that, I was a London-based investment banker.

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Graduate Degrees (MSc)



Programme: MSc Economic History, 2014

Current Position: Global Customer Service Executive, CIMA

Country: UK

I am currently working at CIMA and love my job. Since I left LSE I worked in a number of short term roles before moving to CIMA on a permanent contract. I love the satisfaction you get by helping our members and students and I look fondly back on my time at the LSE.

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Programme: MSc Economic History (part-time), 2014

Current Position: Evidence & Impact Director, The Children's Society

Country: UK

I completed the MsC in Economic History as a part-time study alongside my role as Director at a national charity. My roles since completing an undergraduate in 2008 have focused on the use of economics and research in the social sector, with a focus in recent years on charity sector work.

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Programme: MSc Economic History, 2011

Current Position: Associate, Federal Reserve Bank of New York, New York

Country: United States of America

I pursued my MSc at LSE following my undergraduate degree at Tufts University. I currently work as a cross-asset markets analyst for the Federal Reserve, specializing in global fixed income and foreign exchange products.

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Programme: MSc Economic History, 2014

Current Position:  Associate Consultant, Bain & Company

Country: Netherlands

After studying both Economics and History in Utrecht (NL) I followed the MSc Economic History at LSE. Currently I am a strategy consultant at Bain and Company in Amsterdam. 

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Programme: MSc Economic History, 2014

Current Position:  Economist, Capital Economics

Country: United Kingdom

While studying for my MSc in Economic History I began work as an economist for a consultancy - a job I got, in part, as a result of my LSE studies. 

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Programme: MSc Economic History, 2012

Current Position:  Marie Curie Early Stage Research Fellow (Economics), University of Oxford

Country: United States America

After receiving an MSc in Economic History (Research) from LSE I enrolled in the PhD program in economics at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Currently I am a Marie Curie Early Stage Research Fellow in the Economics department at the University of Oxford. 

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Chaoyi resized


Programme: MSc Political Economy of Late Development, 2010

Current Position: Consultant, Asian Development Bank

Country: China

After graduating from LSE I went back to China and worked at domestic NGOs and international organizations such as the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), YouChange Foundation and China-Africa Business Council, on topics of rural development, health and humanitarianism. I am now a consultant at Asian Development Bank, PRC office, focusing on regional knowledge sharing and integration. 

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Programme: MSc Political Economy of Late Development, 2013

Current Position: Economist, French Development Agency

Country: France

After graduating from Science Po Lille at LSE I got hired by the French Development Agency (AFD) as an Economist. I carry out macroeconomic/financial surveillance, prepare macreconomic reports and provide input for AFD's operational strategy in Mozambique. Thus I engage in discussions of economic trends and issues with national authorities, organizations, and relevant bilateral (DFID, KfW) and multilateral agencies (IMF, WB), contributing to the policy dialogue.

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Programme: MSc Global History, 2014

Current Position: Research Assistant, Max Plank Society 

Country: Italy

After graduation I moved to Berlin where I got involved in a project researching the global history of emotions. My career interests involve migration studies/politics and education. 

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