Accounting and Finance

Below are profiles of alumni who studied programmes related to Accounting and Finance.

Undergraduate Degrees (BSc) Graduate Degrees (MSc)

Undergraduate Degrees (BSc)



Programme: BSc Accounting and Finance, 2004

Current Position: Director / CFO Elahi Group of Companies, Pakistan

Country: Pakistan

I qualified as a Chartered Accountant (ICEAW) with KPMG London, working with them for three years in the financial services audit as part of the investment banking audit team (clients included Credit Suisse, HSBC, DrKW and Citigroup). Since then I have moved to Pakistan and have started my own business within the family organisation of logistics & commodity trading.

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Programme: BSc Accounting and Finance, 2010

Current Position:    Audit Department, KPMG

Country: Hong Kong

I have secured an offer from KPMG Hong Kong and will start in the Audit Department. Although I would like to live in the UK in the long run, I am not afraid of starting my career somewhere else because having an LSE degree is like having an international passport; its global recognition will enable me to transition to other countries easily, be it in one year or in 10 years time.

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Graduate Degrees (MSc)



Programme: MSc Accounting and Finance, 2009

Current Position: Management Executive, Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund

Country: Pakistan

Currently I'm working at the Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund (PPAF) in the Credit and Enterprise Development Unit as a Management Executive.

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Programme: MSc Accounting and Finance, 2009

Current Position: Analyst, Private Banking Latin America, Credit Suisse

Country: Switzerland

I joined LSE after a Bachelor in Business Administration from the University of St. Gallen and a year in strategy consulting. The MSc in Accounting and Finance at LSE has been an excellent springboard to continue my career in the financial industry. In fact, after graduating in 2009, I joined Credit Suisse as assistant to the COO for Private Banking Americas. In 2011, I worked six months at Credit Suisse in Brazil. Currently I am back in Zurich working on strategic projects and initiatives for the Latin American market.

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Programme: MSc Finance and Economics , 2002

Current Position: Managing Director, EFG-Hermes, Dubai

Country: Lebanon

After LSE, I joined the military service for a year. I then joined JPMorgan as a credit derivatives trader for 4 years. In 2007, I moved back to the Middle East and joined EFG-Hermes in Dubai where I am currently a Managing Director.

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Programme: MSc Law and Accounting, 2010

Current Position: Financial Analyst, Bahrain Bourse

Country: Bahrain

Currently, I am a Financial Analyst at Bahrain Bourse (Stock Exchange). Prior to joining BHB, I worked for two years as a Business Analyst in BDO Consulting. Even before graduating, I have always had interests in capital markets and financial regulations which my academic backgrounds have helped me in seeking this career path.

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Programme: MSc Management and Regulation of Risk, 2009

Current Position: Market and Liquidity Risk Management Analyst, Hellenic Bank Group

Country: Cyprus

During my studies at LSE I had the opportunity to be taught by world-class professors and to attend very important and informative seminars. It was a lifetime's experience. After finishing my master's I worked as an intern in an investment firm in Nicosia. When my internship came to an end I was offered a position as a Compliance Officer. The fact that I was an LSE graduate played an important part in getting this offer. I continued working as a Compliance Officer until I was offered a position as a Market and Liquidity Risk Management Analyst at the Hellenic Bank Group. During a time of high unemployment, when graduates find it incredibly hard to find jobs in Cyprus I managed to find one that exactly matches my degree. I believe this was due to being an LSE graduate.

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Programme: MSc Management and Regulation of Risk,  2009

Current Position: Associate Risk Consultant, Marsh Risk Consulting (Marsh & McLennan Companies)

Country: Turkey

After graduation I returned to my homewtown, Istanbul, and worked for Deloitte's Enterprise Risk Services until late June 2010. Now I am a Risk Consultant at Marsh Risk Consulting (Marsh & McLennan Companies).

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Programme: MSc Real Estate Economics and Finance,  2009

Current Position: Director of Research at John Burns Real Estate Consulting

Country: USA

I enjoyed every moment of my time as a graduate student at the LSE. Aside from the sheer magnitude of intellectual capital present on campus, London in itself provided the ideal backdrop for experiencing university life to the fullest. Without a doubt, my experiences and stories of the LSE and the city are life changing. I have had experiences as an investment banking analyst and real estate consultant. I was previously an economic research analyst at the Milken Institute (a prominent think tank in the U.S.) and then moved on to be a Senior Research Analyst at John Burns Real Estate Consulting, LLC (an independent research provider and consulting firm focused on the housing industry).

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Programme:  MSc Regulation, 2005

Current Position: Director General, Cartel and Interstate Commerce Investigations Division, Mexican Federal Competition Commission

Country: Mexico

I have had various publications, including those published by World Competition Law and Economics Review and the Texas Transnational Law Quarterly, and am the Editor and co-author of a book on economic competition policy in Mexico as well as a book applying game theory to law. Prior to joining the Mexican Competition Authority I worked for national and international law firms including Basham, Ringe y Correa; Barrera, Siqueiros y Torres Landa; and Haynes and Boone.

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