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The Students' Union represents LSE students and aims to ensure that your time at the School is not just about studying but is also as enjoyable as possible. The Union organises entertainment and funds over 150 student societies covering a wide range of interests. These societies add a huge amount to students’ experience of LSE and of London. The variety of societies and activities change with the interests and initiative of each new group of students; an A-Z listing of the current student societies can be found on the Students' Union website.

Vietnam Society

Founded in 1999, the society aims to promote Vietnamese culture in the multinational environment of LSE. Not only do we provide a social forum for Vietnamese students within LSE, we also organise activities to introduce the charming sides of Vietnam to non-Vietnamese students, such as our annual cultural shows, Lunar New Year events with Vietnamese food, and support for keen travellers to Vietnam.

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Student profiles: 


Cam-Van Bui - Hanoi, Vietnam
3rd year, BSc Management

I am a Management student from Vietnam. I will never forget my tenth birthday when my parents bought me a story book as my birthday gift. It was Around the World in Eighty Days by Jules Verne. More than anything, Around the World in Eighty Days opened in front of me a new and exciting world outside the small neighbourhood where I lived in and from that time onward, I have been dreaming of setting my foot on Mr Fogg's home town one day. 

I knew that I enjoyed to be intellectually challenged, and that I would seek a university that would supply such an intellectual community. The offer and scholarship for undergraduate study from LSE came as the greatest surprise. LSE has proved to me that financial difficulty is merely an obstacle for one to realize how much she wants her dream to come true and how much effort she is willing to put in to figure out a way to overcome it. 

The thriving multicultural nature of the school has enabled me to meet friends coming from so many different backgrounds and nationalities, and that makes travelling much more enjoyable. 

Please see Management


Son Nguyen

Son Thanh Nguyen - Ho Chi Minh City
3rd year, BSc Philosophy and Economics

The privilege of studying at LSE, can be seen from the list of people the School can invite to its renowned public events. Attending lectures by famous people (Dmitry Medvedev, Amartya Sen, Alan Greenspan... to name a few), and listening to their debate of lively issues brings about a feeling of involvement in and responsibility for the problems we are facing, globally and locally. This is a unique way of self-learning.

Academically, I have been studying under influential figures in economics and philosophy. Learning from them, not only knowledge, but also ambition, inspiration and motivation, helps me to shape my mind and direct my future.

Please see Philosophy, logic and scientific method



Nina Nguyen - Qui Nhon, Vietnam
3rd year BSc Econometrics & Mathematical Economics (EME)

In EME, unlike in pure Economics, we have compulsory “quantitative projects” to work on in 3rd year and everyone is assigned a supervisor who is a dedicated and experienced researcher to work with. I find this opportunity incredibly valuable in terms of getting you to think like a research economist and consider if a PhD is right for you.

Outside studies, I am involved with the Finance Society and I am part of the Financial Law team. What I like most about LSE is the diversity of the people here. I’ve learnt a lot about other cultures while in Britain, such as Singaporean, German and Chinese, via my friends and housemates. 

I believe the LSE training and the experience of actually being here in central London has been and will continue to be highly valuable in my educational, career and life adventures, and that the EME programme has taught me great analytical reasoning skills that will be highly beneficial for any future studies and jobs.

Please see Economics