Student life


The Students' Union represents LSE students and aims to ensure that your time at the School is not just about studying but is also as enjoyable as possible. The Union organises entertainment and funds over 150 student societies covering a wide range of interests. These societies add a huge amount to students’ experience of LSE and of London. The variety of societies and activities change with the interests and initiative of each new group of students; an A-Z listing of the current student societies can be found on the Students' Union website.

Student profile:

A photo of Dana Al-Fakir, an LSE student

Dana Al-Fakir- Kuwait

BSc Philosophy and Economics (2nd year)

Having researched LSE's reputation as one of the leading social science institutions in the world, and having been advised by my school teachers, I decided that I had to pursue my further education at LSE. I was aware of the expense of living in London, but it tends to be a very student friendly city offering discounts on a variety of amenities from transport to catering services.

LSE has helped me with my personal development both academically and socially. It has taught me about the dangers of procrastination and the values of time management, especially for a student far from home, seeking a balance between both studying and living independently. LSE's willingness to help students with both academic and social issues and also London's student friendly environment are other notable factors. My first year at LSE was also my first year in London, my first time living in another country and my first time away from home. I could not help feeling overwhelmed by the challenges that lay ahead of me. To overcome that feeling has become one of the greatest achievements for me which in turn has enabled me to build a stronger character.

Doing a joint degree has diversified my options and helped me procure a wide variety of skills. I actually never studied philosophy until I came to university, and I can already see improvements in my research, analytical and critical thinking skills.

After I graduate, I hope to pursue a Master's degree in either development or environmental economics.