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The Students' Union represents LSE students and aims to ensure that your time at the School is not just about studying but is also as enjoyable as possible. The Union organises entertainment and funds over 150 student societies covering a wide range of interests. These societies add a huge amount to students’ experience of LSE and of London. The variety of societies and activities change with the interests and initiative of each new group of students; an A-Z listing of the current student societies can be found on the Students' Union website|.

Polish society

The LSESU Polish Society was established in October 2003 with the aim of uniting Poles and students with an interest in Poland, as well as promoting a better understanding of Polish history, contemporary culture, social and political life at our institution. We have over 80 official LSE student members, of which more than 60 come from Poland. We have organized a number of lectures and meetings/dinners with distinguished speakers from the academic, political and economic area. Important past speakers include: former Prime Minister and C.E.O. of Pekao S.A - Jan Krzysztof Bielecki and the former Minister of Finance - Leszek Balcerowicz.

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Polish Business Society

At Polish Business Society we do everything to promote Polish business and knowledge about Polish economy among LSE students. We only started off last year, however already managed to organise a number of impressive events such as meetings with top executives of Polish Branches of Citi, J.P.Morgan and PricewaterhouseCoopers. We were also the main organiser of the visit of the President of Poland Mr Bronislaw Komorowski and the Finance Minister Jacek Rostowski. Our plans for the future are ambitious and involve organising mentoring schemes, private scholarships for new LSE students and more internship programmes in Poland. We will need new creative members to move our activities to the next level.

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Student profile:


Jakub Szewczk - Warsaw, Poland

BSc Management Sciences 2nd Year

Back in Poland, LSE has always been perceived as a world-renowned social sciences institution and the best economics school on this side of the Atlantic Ocean. Add in a central London location, the proximity of the world’s financial centre, and the largest number of scholarship schemes available of all UK universities, there was no doubt that LSE would be a perfect choice for me.

I chose to study Management Sciences at LSE since I wanted to pursue a degree that combines a strong economic background, management and a specialisation in operational research at the same time. The School provides such a distinctive opportunity, and thus helps students truly engage with their course. Students are also given the freedom of choosing from a wide spectrum of outside options such as finance, law, history, psychology and many more.

I think that the most extraordinary feature of LSE is its unique mixture of diverse cultures, languages, traditions and opinions, which I encounter on campus every day. It is outstanding that the School managed to plant and successfully grow such a multicultural and tolerant society of international students. Our Students’ Union’s support for student societies and initiatives, and engagement in countless charity projects serves as a great incubator for bold ideas of the future leaders that are going to impact the world. LSE is a perfect place for ambitious, creative and collaborative people who want to put their ideas into practice and make a difference. While you can get involved in great projects, you can also easily set up a society, a sports club or organise a conference. The only limit is your ambition and time.

Personally, I got involved in organising the world’s largest hedge fund and private equity conference and first Polish Economic and Business Forum (both founded and held by LSE students). Having learned know-how in my first year, I’ve become the president of Polish Business Society and I’m currently leading preparations for the second, much bigger Forum.
It’s just one of the many examples of how you can develop your ideas, views and personality at LSE through interaction with academic excellence, extraordinary people and the multicultural atmosphere. The students and academics that I’ve met so far, have already reshaped my reasoning, broadened my views and amplified my life goals.

I still haven’t decided what I want to do when I graduate, but only because of the endless possibilities offered to LSE students. With such strong academic background, I can aim for the best Master’s degree programmes around the world. I can also join top financial firms, consultancies and NGOs full-time in London, home town Warsaw or anywhere in the world. While my career is still an open book, I definitely want to maintain contact with the unique people that I have met during my time at university.