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The Students' Union represents LSE students and aims to ensure that your time at the School is not just about studying but is also as enjoyable as possible. The Union organises entertainment and funds over 150 student societies covering a wide range of interests. These societies add a huge amount to students’ experience of LSE and of London. The variety of societies and activities change with the interests and initiative of each new group of students; an A-Z listing of the current student societies can be found on the Students' Union website.

China Development Society

Since its founding 7 years ago, China Development Society has grown into one of the most professional and productive society on campus. Our mission statement is Bridging Perspectives and Opportunities, and our work focuses in two primary areas: 1. bring people's attention and interest to the most important or controversial issues surrounding China; 2. to provide members career and networking opportunities to fulfil their potential. Every year around Chinese New Year, we organise the annual LSE China Development Forum where we gather most influential figures on issues surrounding China for a comprehensive discussion.

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Chinese Society

The LSESU Chinese Society aims to integrate and promote the cultural identity of the Chinese community within LSE. Having one of the largest membership bases within the LSE Students' Union, we hope to provide a warm and welcoming environment for all Chinese students entering the School. We continue to expand our influence beyond the academic sphere, by devoting ever greater attention to social, careers and even charitable events. In doing so, we expect to create a diversity of opportunities for our members to reach their aspirations.

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Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CSSA)

The society is made up of five different divisions; each plays an important part in helping to achieve our objectives: The Careers division brings a variety of careers-related events from all industry types in order to help students to take the right career paths. Our Charity division promotes charitable actions through organising charity events. The Culture division organises talks related to culture, history and various other issues about China as well as providing free Chinese classes, in both Mandarin and Cantonese. The Marketing division provides up-to-date information about our society events for our members. Our Social division organises both intra- and inter-social events across the LSE and other universities.

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Student profile:

Aphoto of Yiwen Li, an LSE student
Yiwen Li - Wuhan, China

My perfect day at LSE is as follows: attend a lecture by my favourite professor in the Economic History department; study on the second floor in the Library (plus check Facebook there!); have some Chinese food in the Brunch Bowl; go to my ballet class in Parish Hall and then listen to a public lecture! Maybe a little drink with friends before heading back home. I just love it! This one year programme has helped me to think like an economist, an historian, a globalist. It has also shaped my life goal: to become a global citizen. I get everything I want here; be it the famous professors, academic freedom, diverse social activities, or public debate about current hot political and economic issues. I am 'forced' to arrange my time more efficiently and distribute my resources more rationally – though you have access to everything here at LSE, there aren't enough hours in the day! LSE has taught me how to set priorities. The best thing about this year? That I got my dream job through a careers fair at LSE – once I graduate I will move to Los Angeles and work for one of the world's biggest investment management firms. It is a two year rotation programme for graduates – I will be working in six countries in two years. I can't think of anything more exciting than this.

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