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The Students' Union represents LSE students and aims to ensure that your time at the School is not just about studying but is also as enjoyable as possible. The Union organises entertainment and funds over 150 student societies covering a wide range of interests. These societies add a huge amount to students’ experience of LSE and of London. The variety of societies and activities change with the interests and initiative of each new group of students; an A-Z listing of the current student societies can be found on the Students' Union website.

Afro-Caribbean Society (ACS):

The Afro-Caribbean society aims to enhance awareness of both African and Caribbean cultures. From our fantastic social events to the exclusive careers and networking opportunities, the ACS definitely has something to offer everybody. We run on the basis of three main objectives: Empowerment, Education and Enjoyment! 

For more info, check our website at or follow us on twitter @lsesuacs

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Student profile

A photo of Mercy Nhamo, an LSE student

Mercy Nhamo - Mutare, Zimbabwe

MSc Health, Community and Development

 I chose to study at LSE having worked with one of the LSE professors who was doing research in Zimbabwe, and who recommended this programme to me. The MSc Health, Community and Development has offered me new insight into development issues – especially the role of community participation in improving health. I have learned to think critically and have developed a passion to contribute towards the discourse of development. Considering the practical experience that l already had from working as a research assistant in Zimbabwe, especially in the HIV/AIDS field, the programme was excellent in enhancing my theoretical knowledge and offering pathways on how to design, implement, evaluate and monitor community health projects. Throughout my time at LSE I have found it to be a multi-cultural institute where you meet diverse people who are supportive throughout the course of the year. I never felt out of place, and both the lecturers and students were supportive throughout. Before coming to LSE I was the kind of person that didn't have confidence in myself. Ever since l joined LSE my life has changed greatly; l have developed positive confidence through seminar presentations. I have realised that as long as the environment is supportive you can excel in life. After my MSc I am looking forward to studying for a PhD (that is if I get the funding!) and then going back to my country to pursue development work.