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Executive Global Master's in Management

About the MSc programme

The Executive Global Master’s in Management is LSE’s cutting-edge alternative to an MBA. Combining intelligent critical thinking with real-world practice, this programme takes a fresh approach to the traditional MBA curriculum to keep pace with today's fast-changing world.

We provide experienced working professionals in any industry with a unique combination of intellectual skills, networks and practical abilities to achieve outstanding career success in management and leadership.

Currently the only programme of its kind in the world, EGMiM covers the same essential curriculum as a traditional MBA - the essential pillars of business, including general management, accounting, finance, marketing and organisational behaviour - but takes a fresh approach to these topics.

In contrast to traditional practice-based learning utilised by many MBAs, the EGMiM programme offers a more intellectual learning experience, using theory and deep critical thinking to inform solutions in practical projects and case studies.

The unique intellectual skills gained from the EGMiM learning approach will empower students to become adaptable and innovative in the ever-changing global environment, setting themselves apart to move faster and further in the business world in top-level senior management and leadership careers.

Programme details

You can find the most up-to-date list of optional courses for Executive Global MSc Management in the Programme Regulations section of the current School Calendar.

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Graduate destinations

The programme is designed as a gateway for outstanding working professionals from any industry/background to transition into a top-level senior management and leadership career. Whatever your career goals and aspirations are, the programme will provide a foundation to change job role with your current employer, transition to a new company/industry, or develop your own business.

The global focus of the programme provides the knowledge and experience to prepare students to work outside of their home country, reach international markets with their business, or work in an international-facing role for a multinational company.

Our graduates are equipped with lasting knowledge and experience to outperform their peers from more traditional business school programmes (such as MBAs) in the competitive business environment, with a deeper understanding of global business enabling them to make better-informed business decisions, predict and thrive with future trends, and innovate in the fast-changing global environment.


Application code: N2U9 (check availability)

Start date: Late August 2017

Duration: 17 months part-time (modules of 1-2 weeks in length in London, Beijing and Bangalore)

Minimum entry requirement: 2:1 degree or equivalent in any subject (see entry requirements)

English requirement: Standard (see English requirements)

GRE/GMAT requirement: A GMAT or GRE score is not required, but is recommended to those who do not meet the degree requirement

Fee level: £28,642 per year (two-year programme) with a pre-registration fee to gain early access to online programme materials (this will be deducted from the overall tuition fee)

Financial support: This programme is not eligible for LSE financial support

Application deadline: None - rolling admissions