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TRIUM Global Executive MBA

About the Executive MBA

LSE offers the TRIUM Global Executive MBA Programme jointly with NYU Stern School of Business and HEC Paris School of Management. It is divided into six intellectually rigorous modules held in five international business locations over a 17-month period.

A number of distinctive features set the TRIUM Global Executive MBA programme apart from other programmes, including the following:

Truly global

The TRIUM Global Executive MBA class comprises diverse, experienced senior level executives from around the world. Our students live and work in more than 30 different countries.

Classes are taught by faculty members from all three partner schools. During the modules, regional academic and industry experts are selectively invited by TRIUM faculty to further enrich the curriculum and to ensure maximum regional breadth and knowledge.

Executive MBA curriculum with added global geopolitical dimension

TRIUM is the only Executive MBA programme to integrate an international socio-political, economic dimension into its entire MBA curriculum. LSE, the leading social science institution in the world, brings its unparalleled expertise in this arena to the programme.

Customised, integrated curriculum

The TRIUM curriculum is tailor made for the senior level international executive participants in the programme. The modules are designed and delivered by all three schools to build seamlessly upon one another, ensuring that the curriculum, which draws upon the special strengths of each school, is delivered in a unified and complementary way.

Prestigious global credentials

Upon successful completion of the programme, TRIUM Global Executive MBA students will be awarded a single MBA degree issued jointly by all three schools.

Access to the broadest, most international alumni network

TRIUM Global Executive MBA alumni will have access to three diverse and powerful alumni networks – those of NYU Stern, LSE and HEC Paris, in addition to the TRIUM alumni network.

Please visit triumemba.org for detailed information about the programme, admission requirements and how to apply.


Programme schedule:

Module 1: September, two weeks at LSE
Module 2: January, one and a half weeks in California in collaboration with NYU Stern
Module 3: April, two weeks at NYU Stern
Module 4: July, two weeks at HEC Paris
Module 5: October, one and a half weeks at NYU Shanghai
Module 6: February, one week at HEC Paris 

This executive friendly format reduces the absence from the office to only 10 weeks over the 17 month period. TRIUM's interactive distance learning platform fosters a continuous educational community between the modules and allows executives from around the world to communicate with their professors and classmates throughout the programme. The platform is also used for learning activities that facilitate pre-module preparatory work and post-module follow up, as well as individual and team project work and assignments.


To request an informational meeting, please submit a preliminary information form at: www.triumemba.org/admissions/prelimform.php

The preliminary information form is designed to provide us with the information we need to conduct an informational interview. These interviews are optional and are not part of the formal application process. They are useful to help applicants gain a better understanding of the programme before deciding to formally apply.