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MSc Management Science (Operational Research) MSc Management Science (Decision Sciences)

About the MSc programme

The MSc Management Science is a one year programme which provides students with both the knowledge and experience needed to apply management science techniques and methods at the highest decision making levels in organisations.

The programme builds on the experience of a range of internationally renowned researchers, authors and teachers who have a proven track record in developing pioneering methods for influencing the decisions that matter in organisations. 

The degree has two streams – Operational Research (OR) and Decision Sciences.

The Operational Research stream of the MSc Management Science is oriented to finding solutions to problems experienced by organisations in the way they operate. Aspects of an organisation's environment are modelled using a variety of well-defined models, which reveal solutions that would otherwise have been difficult to discover. That describes the 'harder' side of OR. The 'softer' side is concerned with messy, complex issues faced by organisations, which can benefit from problem structuring approaches that enable the stakeholders to diagnose and resolve their issues.

The Decision Science stream focuses on helping decision makers to think more clearly about complex issues in their organisations, and on achieving committed alignment of key players. Mathematical models are used to help create alignment, but always within a carefully designed social process.

Both streams provide a thorough grounding in fundamental concepts and methods of management science and will enable students to gain the skills to pursue higher degrees, or careers in commerce, industry or government in any country.

Programme details

Key features of both the Operational Research and the Decision Sciences streams include:

  • Statistical and other techniques for gaining insights from data.
  • The construction of decision making models using a wide variety of management science techniques.
  • The opportunity to take specific topics to an advanced level corresponding to the leading edge of research.
  • The application of what has been learned in a three month project for a real client in the real world.

Operational Research Stream

Compulsory courses

(* half unit)

Students will be expected to choose three courses to the value of one and a half units from a range of options.

Decision Sciences Stream

Compulsory courses

(* half unit)  

  • Computer Modelling: Applied Statistics and Simulation* introduces the uses and practice of stochastic modelling and applied statistics.
  • Principles of Decision Sciences*examines "decision capability", that is the ability of people to make judgments and decisions and blends research on how individuals and groups actually make decisions with theories on how they should make decisions in order to be consistent.
  • Advanced Decision Sciences* extends the concept of ‘decision capability’ and shows how that capability can be enhanced with appropriate modelling and analysis. It uses illustrations of real-world decision analysis applications and employs several case studies to build students’ skills.
  • Either Applied Management Science which is a three month practical project undertaken for a real company in a real life situation – a chance to put what has been learned on the programme to good use or Dissertation: MSc Management Science which allows students to pursue an independent piece of research within the field of management science. 

Students will be expected to choose three courses to the value of one and a half units from a range of options.

Please read the following important information before referring to full details of course options found in the Programme Regulations|.

The programme regulations available are for the current academic session and may be subject to change before the beginning of the next academic year. For more information about course availability in the next academic session, please contact the relevant academic department. The School reserves the right at all times to withdraw, suspend or alter particular courses and syllabuses, and to alter the level of fees. Courses are on occasion capped (limited to a maximum number of students) or subject to entry conditions requiring the approval of the course convenor. The School cannot guarantee that places on specific courses will be available.

Graduate destinations

Upon graduation, MSc Management Science students will be prepared to enter positions in governments, multilateral organisations, consultancies, financial institutions and other major organisations. They will also have the skills to start their own enterprises if they choose to do so. Over time, students should be able to reach senior management positions in all types of organisations.  Graduates generally find ready employment in financial institutions, consultancies, government departments, software houses and other major organisations.


Application code: N2U1 (OR), N2U3 (DS) (check availability|)

Start date: 2 October 2014

Duration: 12 months full-time, 24 months part-time

Intake/Applications in 2012:

Minimum entry requirement: 2:1 in a relevant discipline, including first year university mathematics and statistics course. Appropriate work experience also considered (see entry requirements|)

English requirement: Higher (see English requirements|)

GRE/GMAT requirement: Submitting a GRE score is highly recommended

Fee level: £19,176

Financial support: Graduate Support Scheme (see Fees and financial support)

Application deadline: None – rolling admissions