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Executive Global MSc Management

About the MSc programme

The Executive Global Master’s in Management is an exciting option for working professionals who wish to advance their careers by seeking a comprehensive management degree from a leading management school, while still working.  The programme is offered in a modular format at the School and also includes overseas modules in international cities which will be chosen to highlight key aspects of global management.

The programme is concerned with interdisciplinary study of both in-depth management theory and real-word application of management practice.  Rather than learning about different disciplines in isolation as is common in most business schools, our students gain a unique and cutting-edge interdisciplinary understanding across all areas of management. Through critical thinking, case studies and practical assignments, our bespoke modular courses are designed to teach students how to think critically about business and society, linking together theory and practice across all disciplines to give a holistic understanding of world-leading management practice.

Programme details

Key features of the programme include:

  • Seven modules (one-two weeks in length) over the course of the programme.  Five modules take place at LSE, one in Singapore and one in Istanbul
  • Modules in London, Istanbul & Singapore broaden students’ global perspectives and the course content is designed to highlight topical global issues
  • The modular format means you to not have to take time out of the workplace to return to studying
  • Instant return on investment – learning is applied to students’ current jobs from the beginning of the programme whilst the dissertation focuses on a specific challenge with students’ companies
  • Academic high standards that are grounded in critical thinking. Our bespoke modular courses are designed to teach students how to think critically about business and society, linking together theory and practice across all disciplines to give a holistic understanding of world-leading management practice.
  • Students are assessed through a variety of methods, with an emphasis on integrated assignments which help students to understand how all disciplines fit together in real-world scenarios
  • Instant access to a diverse student cohort, a global network of alumni, world leading faculty and high profile guest speakers

Compulsory courses

(* half unit)

  • Managerial Economics* aims to equip you with a range of tools to analyse the behaviour of firms, consumers and markets. It will introduce you to basic economic concepts and show how they can be used to understand and analyse the business environment to make better business decisions.
  • Foundations of Management* is a uniquely integrated course which provides an overview of the development of key management disciplines.
  • Organisational Behaviour* aims to review psychological theories as they apply to organisations and demonstrate how this perspective contributes to understanding human behaviour at work.
  • Financial Management* is designed to provide an applied and practical approach to finance, enabling the students to address topical issues that modern corporations face.
  • Strategy, Organisation and Innovation* investigates central questions in strategic management, applying tools from microeconomics, industrial organization and organizational economics to competitive decision making, with the emphasis being on the application of these concepts to business situations.
  • Foreign Direct Investment and Emerging Markets* will analyse the emergence of firms which operate on a global scale and their current and likely future interactions with emerging markets.
  • Marketing Strategy* covers the main theories and concepts in marketing and students will have the opportunity to apply the theories in a practical setting.
  • Dissertation* (6,000 words) will be based on a capstone project related to the participant's own company or a business of their choice.

Students will also take three non-assessed courses in Methods, Foundations of Management 2 and Leadership.

Please read the following important information before referring to full details of course options found in the Programme Regulations|.

The programme regulations available are for the current academic session and may be subject to change before the beginning of the next academic year. For more information about course availability in the next academic session, please contact the relevant academic department. The School reserves the right at all times to withdraw, suspend or alter particular courses and syllabuses, and to alter the level of fees. Courses are on occasion capped (limited to a maximum number of students) or subject to entry conditions requiring the approval of the course convenor. The School cannot guarantee that places on specific courses will be available.

Please visit www.global-mim.com| for updated details on admissions and the programme calendar.

Graduate destinations

This programme is designed for professionals already working in a range of roles in both the private and public sectors, who wish to advance their current careers or transition into the field of management on a global level. Our graduates will be equipped with the lasting skills to critically assess and work successfully with future new developments in management, which will be an invaluable and unique asset throughout their careers.


Application code: N2U9 (check availability|)

Start date: Late August 2014

Duration: 17 months part-time in modules of 1-2 weeks in length at LSE and at least two overseas locations

Minimum entry requirement: First or good upper second class bachelor's degree or equivalent in any subject (see entry requirements|)

English requirement: Higher (see English requirements|)

GRE/GMAT requirement: A GMAT or GRE score is not required, only recommended to those who do not meet our requirements with their prior degree

Fee level: £27,000 per year (two-year programme) with a pre-registration fee of £2,500 to gain early access to online programme materials

Financial support: This programme is not eligible for the Graduate Support Scheme

Application deadline: None - rolling admissions

Note: For detailed information about application procedures and programme features please visit www.global-mim.com|