As an international centre of excellence in the social sciences, LSE has a long-standing commitment to an innovative understanding of urban society. LSE has a distinctive concentration of urban specialists in a number of disciplinary areas, and is an unrivalled centre for graduate study in the area of city design, urban and regional planning, urbanisation and development, and the economic, social, political and policy aspects of contemporary urban life.

Our aim is to apply social scientific disciplines to better understand cities and the contribution they make to economic, social and cultural life. LSE urban programmes bring together a range of disciplinary expertise to link the urban social sciences with the design and governance of cities, urban infrastructure, environment and development, with a unique concentration of urban specialists in different subject areas - including Economics, Geography and Environment, International Development, Social Policy, and Sociology. Our scope is not only "global cities", but also smaller and medium sized cities, and cities of the global South as well as those of the global North.

Taught programmes

Opportunities for doctoral research

LSE has an exciting interdisciplinary network of urban researchers, and there are opportunities for doctoral research on aspects of cities and urban development across a number of departments. Further details of doctoral studies and programmes in this field can be found at Urban at LSE.