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Confirming your offer of admission

In order to fulfil the requirements for entry to LSE, we must have official proof, in English, of your qualifications, test scores and references. Your online application status will show which (if any) documents are still outstanding. Please be reminded that all documents sent to us are non-returnable and must be received before you are due to register at the School.

Official proof of qualifications/degree certificates: You should submit the completed proof of degree form, signed and stamped by your institution, or a final transcript stating that your degree has been awarded with the final grade and date of award. Alternatively you may send a photocopy of your degree certificate bearing an original stamp and signature of your institution to prove that the copy conforms to the original. Do not send your original degree certificate, as documents received by us will be marked with the date they are received and are non-returnable.

Transcripts: If you have submitted an unofficial transcript with your application you will be required to submit an original or certified copy if made an offer. You may also be required to confirm that you have been awarded your degree with a particular grade or classification. If your degree transcript does not confirm your final grade and date of award, you should ask your institution to complete the proof of degree form.

GRE/GMAT/TOEFL/IELTS: Test scores such as these should be supplied directly to us from the test provider. LSE's institution code is 0972 for all but the GMAT, where the code is HMT 86-56. Alternatively you may submit a photocopy of your IELTS score certified by your local British Council with an original signature and stamp.

References: Your references should either be submitted to us from your referee's institution email account, or be signed originals on the headed paper of the institution. They should be supplied to us in a sealed envelope with the referee's signature across the seal to preserve confidentiality. If your referee submitted their reference from a webmail account, eg hotmail/gmail/yahoo, then we will request that they submit a signed version on headed paper. A signed letter on headed paper confirming that they submitted their reference from a webmail account will be acceptable.

Translated documents: These should bear the stamp and seal of an official translator and must be supplied with the original document, or on the headed paper of your institution.

Current LSE students and students following Summer School or Economics/Mathematics and Statistics for Management courses: Your results will be released to the Graduate Admissions Office within the same week that you receive them. If you do not meet the condition, then your file will be sent to the Department in order for them to make a final decision regarding your application.

All official documents must be posted to us at the usual address. Emailed documents are not considered to be official for this purpose unless they are received directly from your institution.

Graduate Admissions Office
London School of Economics and Political Science
Houghton Street

City of London