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Full information on how to contact us is given on our Getting in touch| page.

News and events

We aim to keep you up to date throughout the application process, and to provide you with information regarding events that may have an effect on the progress of your application. Follow the links to the left to see our current processing times (updated daily), dates when the Graduate Admissions Office is closed, and news.

You should also familiarise yourself with how we process your documents| and how the decision making process works|.

Current headlines 

Remember that your application will be processed most quickly if you submit it with all the supporting documents via the online application system. Submitting documents using the How do I...? form is acceptable but is less efficient than submitting all of your documents together.

  • Monday 25th August is a UK public holiday. The School will be closed, and therefore the Graduate Admissions Office will not be able to respond to emails and phone calls on this date.
  • From Monday 18th August onwards our morning drop-in session at the Student Services Centre will be held from 11am-12pm. There will be no session at 12pm. Only the first ten applicants who have signed the drop-in sheet by 11am are guaranteed to be seen. Please see the getting in touch page for more details.

You may have been concerned recently by the changes surrounding ETS English language tests, including TOEFL. Please note that these changes have no effect on students applying for Student Visitor Visas. Students who will require a Tier 4 student visa should refer to the information below:

On the 21st of May, the Home Office confirmed that Higher Education Institutions may use their own judgement to decide whether or not to accept an ETS certificate as evidence of your English ability for entry to their degree programmes. As such, LSE will continue to accept TOEFL tests as evidence of English language ability. This means that if you have taken a TOEFL test, which meets the requirements| for your programme, you will not need to take any additional English test.

Please note that using a TOEFL test to meet the requirements of your degree programme will not jeopardise your Tier 4 visa application.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch| if you are still concerned about this.