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Full information on how to contact us is given on our Getting in touch| page.

News and events

We aim to keep you up to date throughout the application process, and to provide you with information regarding events that may have an effect on the progress of your application. Follow the links to the left to see our current processing times (updated daily), dates when the Graduate Admissions Office is closed, and news.

You should also familiarise yourself with how we process your documents| and how the decision making process works|.

Current headlines 

Remember that your application will be processed most quickly if you submit it with all the supporting documents via the online application system. Submitting documents using the How do I...? form is acceptable but is less efficient than submitting all of your documents together.

  • The new admissions cycle for entry in 2015 will open officially on 20 October 2014. Our academic entry requirements/programme offering will remain broadly the same for 2015 entry, so you can continue to browse the PDF version of the 2014 prospectus for general information. As soon as the 2015 prospectus is available we will update all the relevant web pages.
  • Please note that registration for Employment Relations and Organisational Behaviour Group has been moved forward. Registration for these programmes will now take place on Monday 29 September, from 3pm to 4pm in the Hong Kong Theatre (Clement House)
  • The UK Border Force has put together "10 top tips" for students arriving in the UK from overseas, highlighting required documentation, banned substances, and what to do if you have further questions. If you will be newly arriving the UK to join LSE soon, please do read this advice.
  • From Monday 6 October we will resume having two drop in sessions each day (excluding Wednesdays). The drop in times will therefore be 11am-12pm (Monday to Friday) and 3pm-4pm (Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays)