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How do I request that a condition on my offer be waived or changed?

It is not usually possible to change a condition once the department has set it. However, if you have a good reason you may submit your request and the department will consider it.

You must give your reasons for asking that the condition be altered, and provide information to support your request. If you are simply concerned that you have not/will not reach the required marks in your degree condition you should wait until your final results are available and use the new information form to submit them. The selectors will then consider whether or not to confirm your offer.

Condition waiver requests will only be considered if you feel that you already meet the requirement in another way, for example; if you have been required to follow a summer school course, but feel that you have already covered the material in previous study, you should provide the details of the syllabus that you have already covered. We will also consider requests to change how a condition is expressed if it does not match the mark scheme of your university. In this case, you should send details of how the marks at your university are calculated and the form in which your final degree grade will be expressed.


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