Part time study

Many postgraduate programmes are available to study part-time. For master's degrees or diplomas, the usual arrangement is to take half the programme in one year and half in the following year. Tuition takes place during the day, normally at the same time as for full-time students. The detailed timetable is available just before the start of the session.

Our executive programmes are designed for people who intend to remain in employment, with teaching taking place in the evenings or in intensive sessions spread throughout the academic year. For more information see Executive programmes.

If you wish to be a part-time research student, you must discuss with us the nature and hours of your employment. Work commitments should amount to at least 15 hours per week and be in the London area and during conventional working hours.

You should be aware that part-time study alone is insufficient to obtain entry clearance to the UK on a student visa. See for more details.