Bologna Process

The United Kingdom is signatory to the Bologna Declaration, which was designed to facilitate comparability and compatibility between higher education systems across a European Higher Education Area of some 55 countries ( The action lines include developing easily readable and comparable degree systems and adopting a common three cycle system of degree levels. LSE has been monitoring developments in the Bologna Process closely, and has already introduced the Diploma Supplements (enhanced transcripts) which form part of it.

Although the School regards its degrees as fully compliant with the requirements of the Bologna Process, and with the first and second cycle learning outcomes described by the Qualifications Framework for the EHEA, LSE does not articulate student achievement in credit terms, ECTS or otherwise. We consider our 12-month master's degrees as being equivalent to 90 ECTS credits and 9/10-month postgraduate degrees [Diploma or MSc] as being equivalent to approximately 80 ECTS credits. This assumption is based on the learning outcomes achieved by successful candidates and on the notional learning times required to achieve them.

If you wish to proceed from a 9 or 10 month programme to higher study in EHEA countries other than the UK, you should be aware that their recognition for such purposes is not guaranteed, due to the way in which ECTS credits are calculated. For more information, see