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How do I reinstate my 2014 application for 2015 entry?


Please fill in the form below, giving your name and ID number.

To be considered for the same programmes you applied for originally, you may leave the remainder of the form blank.

If you would like to be considered for different programmes, tick the relevant boxes to indicate which choice(s) you want to change. You must also add a new personal statement.

If there has been a material change to your application, for example if you have now completed your qualification, or if you have undertaken a new course of study, please ensure you inform us by submitting new transcripts, etc using the New information form|.

The deadline for submitting this form is 14 November 2014. After this date all old application forms and documents are destroyed, as we do not have the facilities to store them. Please note that this form will be taken out of use at 5pm GMT on 14 November.

We will contact you again if you are required to submit a new application assessment fee of  £50 sterling before your application can be considered. Details on how to pay the fee can be found at the LSE eShop. The reinstatement fee is due by 31 January 2015. Your application will not be considered until the reinstatement fee has been received. Don't forget that some programmes have earlier deadlines than this for completed applications, and if your fee is received after the application deadline, you will not be considered.

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By submitting this form, you agree to the terms and conditions below:

By submitting this form, you authorise us to rely and act upon all apparently valid instructions as properly authorised by you, even if they may conflict with any other mandate given at any time concerning your affairs. We may refuse to act on an instruction, for example if we know of or suspect a breach of security. You must make sure that any instruction is accurate and complete and we are not liable if this is not the case.


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    Upload your new personal statement (if applicable) as a Word document or PDF using the button below. Please make sure that your name and ID number appears on each page of the document.