How to contact us
Full information on how to contact us is given on our Getting in touch| page.

Possible outcomes

The following pages show the possible outcomes for almost all applicants. The codes given on each page are identified with a 1 for 1st choice and 2 for 2nd choice.

Possible decisions are:

  • O = offer (conditional or unconditional).
  • R = reject, or programme full if all places have been allocated (programme full applies only to applications that have not been previously placed on the waiting list).
  • WL = waiting list – interim decision.

The flow chart below shows possible decision routes (click on the image to download a PDF version). It looks complicated, but if you follow from box to box, you can see how the process works in different scenarios. You can use the 'previous' and 'next' buttons below to follow the branches of the chart step by step.

Decision Making Process|