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The General Course paper application form: a step-by-step guide

If you are completing the paper or PDF application form, please read the guidance information below as you complete each question.

1. Personal details
2. Your university or further education
3. Course preferences at LSE
4. Current studies
5. Language skills
6. Addresses
7. Parent, guardian or next of kin
8. References
9. Other information
Monitoring form
Supporting documents
Points to remember

1. Personal details

Surname (Family Name)
Please enter your surname exactly as it appears in your passport.

Please enter your forename(s) exactly as they appear in your passport.

Please indicate the title you usually use. Please do not leave this field blank.

Known As
Please enter the forename you prefer to use (e.g. Robyn).

Email address
Enter a valid email address that you check on a regular basis, as this is our usual means of contacting you regarding your application. Ideally this should be your university/college email address. If you are using a free email account, such as Hotmail or Yahoo, it is essential that you add the LSE domain name, "lse.ac.uk", either to your safe list or your contact list.

  • If you change your email address, please inform the Student Marketing and Recruitment Office immediately by contacting gc@lse.ac.uk

Please list the country of which you are a citizen.

Dual Nationality
If you are a citizen of more than one country please list your second nationality here.

Country of birth
Please indicate the country in which you were born.

Passport number
If you hold two passports you should enter the details from the passport you will use to travel to the UK. If you are a citizen of the European Union, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway or Switzerland then you do not need to supply your passport number. If you do not currently have a passport you can leave this section blank.

Country of permanent residence
Please list the country in which you have been normally resident, except for periods of temporary absence, since 1 September 2012. Residence for purposes of education is not considered to be 'normally resident'.

Please mark the appropriate box.

Date of birth
Please note the order: DAY/MONTH/YEAR.

2. Your university or further education

Institution name and code
Please list the institution at which you are currently a student.

In attendance from?
Please indicate the month and year in which you started your current study programme. If you have transferred please list the date you started at your first institution.

Principal subject studied
Please indicate your major subject(s) of study at your home institution. If you have not yet declared your major please enter the subject area on which you intend to focus while studying on the General Course.

Current Cumulative grade/GPA
Please provide your current cumulative grade or GPA including your most recent semester of study, i.e. the Fall/Winter semester 2014-15. Enter your current cumulative or average grade in the standard format of your degree e.g. 3.6/4.0; 90%; 1.5/5.0.

Your university contact (e.g. Study Abroad Advisor / International Programmes Officer)
In the following questions please give details of the individual at your home institution who is responsible for students who study abroad in the UK and/or has the authority to approve your application to study abroad at LSE. This is the person at your home institution whom we will contact about your application. If you are not currently studying please enter your own contact details here.

Please indicate the surname of your university contact.

Please indicate the first name of your university contact.

Please indicate what position your university contact holds, i.e. Study Abroad Advisor, International Programmes Officer etc.

Please provide a telephone number, including country and local area code, that we can use to reach your university contact.

Please provide an email address that we can use to reach your university contact. Please ensure this is accurate as failure to provide a correct email address could delay processing of your application.

3. Course preferences at LSE

After reading the information about choosing your courses and consulting the course guides, please select six courses that you are currently interested in studying during your year at LSE. Please ensure that you are academically qualified to take the courses you have chosen.  Unless you have declared your major sometime ago, and have a very strong background in the subject, it is unwise to take more than one 300 level course.

Ultimately you will study just four full-unit courses (or the equivalent in half-unit courses), which need not be chosen from your initial selections, so what you tell us now need only be indicative of your interests, although it will help us assess your application. Please list the courses in order of preference and/or importance to your studies. We cannot guarantee that all the courses listed in 2014-15 will be available in 2015-16, but the great majority will be.

4. Current Studies

Use the text boxes to indicate the course codes and names of the courses you are currently taking at your home institution. These should be courses you are studying in the Spring semester and will be used, in conjunction with your transcript and other application materials, to determine your suitability for your chosen LSE courses.

5. Language Skills

Is English your first language?
Select 'Yes' or 'No' as appropriate.

Is English the language of instruction for your degree?
Please only select 'Yes' if your degree is taught entirely in English.

I took/will be taking an English language test on
Only answer this question and the two below if you answered 'No' to both of the above questions. If English isn't your first language and your degree wasn't taught in English you will need to provide us with an English language test score. 

Type of test taken/will take
Select the test you will be taking or have already taken. We may accept other English language qualifications if you have already taken the exam. In this case please submit details to gc@lse.ac.uk after you have submitted your application.

Test score
Please indicate the scores you achieved in the relevant sections of the English language test you have taken, and your overall score or band.

6. Addresses

Your permanent address
Please list your permanent home address here, i.e. the address at which you can be contacted outside of term time.

Your contact address
If you live somewhere else while you are at university, or you will be at a different address to your home address over the summer months, please provide details here. If you are regularly able to pick up your post at your permanent address, consider leaving this section blank.

On which dates will you be at your contact address?
Please list the dates you will be resident at your contact address. While most of our contact with you will be by email, we will send you a paper Offer Pack if you are made an offer. This will be sent to your permanent address, except if your Offer Pack is sent out during the time you are resident at your contact address.

7. Parent, guardian or next of kin

In this section please list the contact details of somebody whom we may contact on your behalf in the event of an emergency. This person will also be able to contact us on your behalf regarding your application.

8. References

In this section please provide details of two academic referees who are able to comment on your recent academic work. You will need to give each referee a copy of the referee guidelines sheet provided at the end of the application before they write a reference for you.

9. Other information

Please state which other study abroad programmes you are applying to.
Please indicate which, if any, other institutions you are applying to. This information is for our records only and will not affect your application.

How did you hear about study abroad at LSE?
Please indicate where you first heard about the General Course.

Permission to study
Please tick the 'Yes' box, sign and date in the appropriate boxes to indicate that you have obtained permission from your home institution to study abroad at LSE. If you have not been authorised to study abroad at LSE then you must not submit your application.

Application declaration
Please tick the 'Yes' box, sign and date in the appropriate boxes to indicate that the information you have provided on the application is correct.

Monitoring form

The information you supply on the monitoring form has no bearing on our assessment of your academic suitability for study at LSE and will not be used during the selection process. The information you provide here is used for monitoring by the Higher Education Statistical Agency and will not affect the outcome of your application. 

Advice for students with disabilities is available and you are encouraged to contact the Disability and Well-being Service at an early stage of the application cycle. The ethnic origin section of the form is optional, but the information is useful to us in monitoring applications and equal opportunities.

Please tick each of the boxes that apply to you, providing additional information where necessary.

Declaration of criminal conviction
Please be very careful when completing this question. If you complete this question incorrectly then processing of your application may be significantly delayed.

Supporting documents

You should submit the following supporting documents, in English, with your application form:

  • A personal statement that, in approximately 500 words, describes your special academic interests and your unique purpose and objectives in undertaking the General Course. Your academic background, strengths and subject interests at LSE are of particular relevance to the selector;
  • the confidential reports of the two academic referees whose names you have given in section 8 of the application form;
  • an up-to-date transcript or record of academic progress, including work completed in the first semester of your second year of university study; and
  • an explanation of the grading scale used. This information usually appears on the reverse of your transcript.

In addition to these required documents, you may submit additional documents, such as a CV or resumé, if you wish.

Completed application forms and supporting documents should be sent to our postal address:

General Course Admissions
Student Marketing and Recruitment
London School of Economics and Political Science
Houghton Street
London WC2A 2AE
United Kingdom

Points to remember

Before your application can be considered by the selectors, we MUST receive:

  • Your academic transcript up to and including your most recently completed semester of study;
  • Two academic references from tutors or professors who are familiar with your academic work;
  • Your confirmation, on page 3 of the application form, that you have obtained permission from your home institution to apply to the General Course (unless you have already completed your degree), and that the information on the application form is correct .

You can submit your application form before results from IELTS and other english language tests are available - you should arrange for the scores to be sent directly to us with the institution code 0972.