Cumberland Lodge

An escape from London to Cumberland Lodge is an annual event in the General Course calendar. The visit involved a mixture of academic seminars, social activities and free time to explore Windsor. For some, such as Kunj Pandya (General Course student '10-'11), it was even an opportunity to speak to the Queen:

As I stepped out of the Royal Chapel into the bright sun, people were lined up along the road next to the church and an elderly lady dressed in light blue stood to my left. The principal of Cumberland Lodge, who at this time was escorting Her Majesty to the Jaguar that she drove herself, announced: "Please make way for Her Majesty." I realised that the comment was directed at me and quickly moved to the side of the road. The principal of the Lodge introduced the group of international LSE students. He proceeded to ask me: "What country are you from?" I responded: "USA." I added with pride and emphasis: "Originally, I am from India." He then told the Queen: "See…India." She gave a nod of approval and replied, but I was so high from the fact that I had just spoken to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II that I do not recall her exact response.

The encounter with the Queen concluded an amazing weekend at Cumberland Lodge with academically stimulating lectures, a visit to Windsor castle, delicious meals, coffee in the bar, and snooker in the sketchy basement. In all, the weekend not only taught me about London and exposed me to some fresh air and greenery, but I would say we all entered the Lodge as tourists and left as Londoners.

The pictures below provide a snapshot of the 2010 guest speakers, the social activities, and the beautiful Lodge itself.

Cumberland Lodge

Cumberland Lodge refects every period of English architecture since it was built in 1652 and houses bedrooms, dining rooms, sitting rooms

Nearby in the mews are further bedrooms and a suite of conference rooms. Our lectured normally take place here and the building also accommodates many of our students.

Every bedroom has its own individual decoration and many of them have histroically interesting features.


This is one of the sitting rooms in the main Cumberland Lodge building

Recent speakers include:

Alex Werner, Head of History Collections, Museum of London (pictured below left); Dame Clara Furse, former Chief Executive of the London Stock Exchange(below right); Dennis Clarke, head of Royal Parks Services; Peter Hendy, Commissioner, Transport for London and Tony Travers, head of Greater London Group.

Alex Werner    Clara Furse

The General Course Quiz is an annual calendar feature. Students form teams and pit their knowledge of LSE, London and the UK against their fellow students. The winning team received General Course picture frames!

Pub Quiz