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Economics Unit
Foreign and Commonwealth Office

King Charles Street
London, SW1A 2AH, UK 



Jeremey Shipp
Deputy Programme Director
LSE Enterprise Ltd

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Economics for Foreign Policy: a programme for the FCO

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The Economics for Foreign Policy programme has been created by the LSE and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) specifically for British diplomats and staff of the foreign service. The multi-level courses have been running since 2003, with over 1,400 participants to date. They are typically delivered in Whitehall, London, but have also taken place in locations including Brasilia, Singapore, Tokyo, Amman and Mexico City.

In modern diplomacy, well-rounded knowledge of economic and political issues is critical to the success of negotiations, to reporting and for analysing various events at national and international levels. All FCO staff need the essential ability to converse easily using economic terminology with a high degree of accuracy and a reasonable level of sophistication.

Offered in two distinct levels, these Economics for Foreign Policy courses offer both fundamental and advanced knowledge of economic theory, and how theory may or may not apply in the political reality of the dynamic world. Interactive lectures and discussions, case studies and simulations are held on topics including:chart

  • economic growth
  • global markets efficiency
  • international trade
  • globalisation
  • national competitiveness
  • capital flows and financial crises.

Already enrolled? See the pre-course reading suggestions.

More from LSE

If you are in London, feel free to take advantage of LSE public events by policy makers, academics and business leaders. These public lectures are free to attend, although some high-profile events may be ticketed.

You may also be interested in attending LSE regular academic lectures which are open to the public. We suggest this  British Government course which may be relevant to overseas staff as all the course material and lectures are openly available for viewing on the LSE website.  

Should you have any queries, or would like to enroll, please contact Rickinder Chima. Please note that these courses are for FCO employees only.