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LSE Custom Programmes client stories

Delivering customised education programmes for organisations, governments and individuals, LSE Custom Programmes draws on the expertise of the whole School.

Public sector client stories

LSE Executive Education courses for the FCO

Long-term training programme for a central British Government department, delivered in locations across the world (PDF)

LSE Custom Programmes designs, delivers and manages a comprehensive training programme on economics and the political economy. It has enabled over 1,000 Foreign and Commonwealth Office employees to date to better coordinate and apply government policies.


Customised Workshop for British Government Training Authority (PDF)

LSE Custom Programmes put together a one-day workshop on the UK budgetary system, giving participants hands-on application of the theory they learned.

Basque students on an LSE Custom Programme

Intensive ten-week programme for the Diputación Foral de Bizkaia (PDF)

Our annual programme brings Basque professionals to study at LSE for a term, giving them a comparative perspective on specialist areas of interest to the Diputación.

students on an LSE Custom Programme

A term at LSE for the civil servants of an Asian administration (PDF)

Our ten-week annual custom programme gives a group of high-level civil servants a global perspective on issues in public sector administration.


Customised individual education programme for the head of administration at a prime minister's office (PDF)

LSE Custom Programmes designed a customised study programme on the latest trends in effective public sector management.

Student presenting on an LSE Custom Programme

International perspectives on public management (PDF)

LSE Custom Programmes created modules for a Brazilian institution, giving participants global and comparative perspectives on public policy and management.

students on an LSE Custom Programme

New ideas in leadership and policy for senior civil servants in Southeast Asia (PDF)

LSE Custom Programmes developed a customised annual programme for a Southeast Asian government wishing to enhance its global competitiveness while increasing public sector efficiency.

Bolashak student on an LSE Custom Programme

Government Policy Challenges: Bolashak scholars at LSE

We designed a year-long custom programme for a group of scholars funded by the Government of Kazakhstan under its Bolashak (Future) programme.


Corporate sector client stories

Investment Decisions

Behavioural finance and investment decisions for an Italian bank (PDF)

This two-day programme gave 31 financial consultants new insights to enhance their portfolio management work.


Executive education programme for a global financial institution (PDF)


LSE Custom Programmes designed and delivered a fully customised programme for one of the world-leading financial institution's global business units.

LSE signage

Individual education programme for the CEO of a leading industrial company (PDF)

When the CEO of a leading industrial company from an emerging markets country needed to enhance his knowledge of market-economy disciplines, he turned to LSE Custom Programmes to design and administer an individual executive education programme.

LSE campus

Executive education programme for a leading industrial manufacturing company (PDF)

One of the world's largest industrial manufacturing companies approached our joint venture with Duke Corporate Education to create a corporate training initiative for its senior management team.


University sector client stories

Suman student on an LSE Custom Programme

Chinese undergraduates compete for a fortnight at LSE

42 students from Jiangsu Province spend two weeks learning and researching managerial accounting and financial control.



Spanish Masters students take an LSE study tour

Instituto de Estudios Bursátiles students approaching the end of their Masters degree learn about international financial markets at LSE for a week.

ITAM students on an LSE Custom Programme

Mexican undergraduates visit LSE

Over 50 students from a Mexican university visit LSE for a three-week course in international political economy.

Dartmouth students on an LSE Custom Programme

International Relations perspectives for Dartmouth College students

Students from an Ivy League college spend a term at LSE studying international relations and government topics, which carries credits for their degree.

CEOs on an LSE Custom Programme

Colombian CEOs study the major themes and changes in today’s society

16 senior professionals, studying on an executive education course at the Universidad de los Andes in Colombia, attended intensive, high-level sessions at LSE on global economics, international relations and leadership.

EGAP students on an LSE Custom Programme

Public policy graduates spend a week at LSE

Participants expand their understanding of policy implementation in an evolving global landscape.


UAI prticipants on an LSE Custom Programme

Executive MBA students from Chile learn about global markets

The one-week programme focused on commercial and financial strategies, with a specific emphasis on the global financial crisis.

ESAN senior executives on an LSE Custom Programme

Senior executives from Peru visit LSE

Our in-depth finance programme enables participants to develop a global perspective alongside real-world engagement.

aerial view of Tower Bridge

Scholars learn academic leadership skills

Selected participants spent a week with experts from LSE's Departments of Management, Economics and Finance.