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How to contact us

To discuss your personal customised programme requirement, on a confidential basis, please contact:


Simon Flemington|, CEO of LSE Enterprise

Email: s.flemington@lse.ac.uk|
Tel: + 44 (0)20 7955 7128

Customised personal learning programmes

Each year LSE Custom Programmes undertakes a small number of programmes organised and designed for individuals who are facing interesting and unique challenges often at the very top of their professional career. These programmes are designed to fit around the individual as they balance a paucity of time with the significant challenges and responsibilities at hand.

LSE Custom Programmes is able to bring together a unique set of the most senior academic talents allowing unique insight across subjects such as management, economics, finance, politics, law, and public policy.

Example: customised personal learning programme for the CEO of a leading industrial company|

Example: customised personal learning programme for the Head of Administration at a Prime Minister's Office|

Please contact us to discuss your specific programme requirements using the details to the left.