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Short Course on Regulation: LSE Executive Training Programme

The Short Course on Regulation offers a cutting-edge introduction to the full range of economic, legal and political issues in regulation. It will provide you with strategies to lower your costs and to design efficient regulatory systems and responses. Whether you are a regulatory organisation or one subject to regulation, a developed understanding of framing issues in regulation will enable you to enhance your performance, and, in the commercial context, your competitive advantage.

This course is available in several formats:

  • The open-access week-long course held at the London School of Economics
  • In a customised three-day version tailored to the needs of your organisation (or two or more collaborating organisations) and held either in London or at your place of work, anywhere in the world (see the three-day edition PDF)
  • In association with professional associations across the globe.

The course looks at how regulation operates on the ground, but also covers regulatory theory and all stages of the regulatory process - from law and rule-making to risk management, institutional frameworks and enforcement. It considers regulation from the perspectives of economists, lawyers, sociologists, political scientists and others. Individual seminars and workshops examine not merely how regulation ought to be carried out and evaluated, but how regulation tends to develop and how its incidence and shape can be explained. We cover the utilities, financial and other sectors; and also consider European issues.

The course is intended for UK, EU and overseas participants who have varying familiarity with regulation. Case studies, lectures, problem solving and discussion groups introduce and develop your understanding of key issues. You will find it of particular value if you are moving into regulatory affairs from another area, as no prior knowledge of regulation or economics will be assumed.

The course is led by Professor Robert Baldwin|, Professor of Law at LSE, and taught by a highly experienced group of academics from the Law and Government departments at LSE, as well as by practitioners with first-hand expertise on regulatory issues.

Participants may have the following roles:

  • Regulation managers
  • Regulators
  • Regulatory affairs staff
  • Legal staff
  • Consultants
  • Accountants and finance managers
  • Economists

See the course outline|.


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