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Professor Robert Baldwin, LSE

Professor Robert Baldwin is Professor of Law at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), where he teaches Regulation and Criminal Law. He has written numerous books and articles on regulation, including the most widely used academic volume on regulation in the UK: Understanding Regulation (Oxford 1999, with Martin Cave).


Professor Baldwin led the team that wrote the Scoping Study Report for the Government's Review of Legal Services Regulation as well as the team that wrote the Defra Review of Enforcement 2005-6.

More information on Professor Robert Baldwin is available here.

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'It's important to understand regulation because there is an increasing movement around the world to have services delivered not by governments but by the regulated private sector. Businesses are also increasingly interested in the use of the right regulatory strategies – those that protect the public interest but do not impose unnecessary restrictions and costs on firms themselves. A common position from their point of view is that if there's going to be regulation, it had better be the best that we can design. That's why we draw participants from business interests as well as regulatory agencies, governments and consultancies.'

Professor Robert Baldwin