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Information for Incoming Staff

What Erasmus + opportunities do you provide for incoming staff at LSE?

We only currently provide staff teaching exchanges at LSE with partner instituions that have been agreed at School level.

All exchanges are managed centrally and we regret that at present, we do not participate in the training aspect of Key Action 1.  This means that we are unable to process any requests for training opportunities from either academics or professional services staff.

How do I know if my institution has a partnership with you?

Details of our staff teaching exchanges can be found here

My institution is on the list.  How can I apply to do an exchange with you?

If we have a bilateral agreement in place in your subject area, you can initially contact us using our query form:

Erasmus query form

We will then pass this query on to the relevant department for consideration.  Your exchange will be formally recognised by an invitation from the Erasmus Coordinators at LSE.

My institution doesn't have a bilateral agreement with LSE.  How can set up an agreement so that I can come on an exchange?

LSE's Erasmus + exchange provision is small and specialised, so not all requests for a bilateral agreement will be able to be accommodated.  Details on how your Erasmus Coordinator can set this up for you can be found here.