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Erasmus at LSE

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Erasmus +  is the European Commission's education programme for Higher Education students, teachers and institutions. 

LSE participates in Key Action 1 of the programme, which encourages staff and students to undertake mobilities for teaching. We do not currently participate in any of the other Key Actions  available under Erasmus+.

Erasmus is open to all types of higher education institutions, all academic disciplines and all levels of higher education study up to and including the doctorate. 3244 people participated in Erasmus during its first academic year. Now, more than 150,000 people benefit each year from the programme.

Update on Erasmus following EU Referendum

The Erasmus + programme is running as normal for the 2016/17 academic year.  We will update this page if there are any changes.

Who coordinates Erasmus+ at the LSE?

The Erasmus + Coordinators are based within the Student Services Centre. They have the dual role of manaing the immgration advice service and Erasmus + at LSE.  The team consists of:

Bethan Ovens - International Student Visa Advice Manager & Erasmus Coordinator

Laura Dyson - Senior International Student Visa Adviser & Erasmus Coordinator

You can contact the team using our query form

Student mobility

Students in higher education may spend a study or work period (minimum of 3 months) in another participating country in the framework of agreed arrangements with universities and enterprises.

They generally receive a grant to help offset the 'mobility costs' of studying or working in another country, such as travel, language preparation and differences in cost of living. Their award depends on several elements which vary from country to country.

Full academic recognition for the study or work period carried out abroad must be ensured before departure. The programme is open to all students (up to and including doctorate), except those enrolled in their first year of higher education.

LSE Erasmus Undergraduate Exchanges

LSE Erasmus Postgraduate Exchanges

Information for Incoming Students

Staff Teaching Mobilities

Financial support is also given to higher education teaching staff to spend a short period (eight hours teaching minimum) of fully integrated teaching assignments in a partner university.

Information for LSE Staff

Information for incoming staff 

All staff mobilities must be centrally approved. Departments must contact us for advice if approached with a request for an Erasmus exchange. Exchanges which take place without consent at School level risks funding for exchanges and may impact on a student as well as staff exchanges.

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