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Information for Erasmus Coordinators

How can I set up a bilateral agreement with the LSE?

Erasmus + at LSE is a small and specialised provision.  We currently operate very few Erasmus exchanges and these are based on the School's strategic plan.

If your institution wishes to set-up a bilateral agreement under Erasmus + we require the following:

  • A rationale for the exchange between the institutions;
  • An academic contact in the relevant department - agreements are more likely to be considered if a relationship has already been built;
  • Predicted numbers of exchanges, the length  and level of the exchange and whether the mobilites are student/staff/ student and staff for teaching.

We are unlikely to be able to consider ad-hoc agreements sent directly to the Erasmus team.

Who approves the agreements?

Erasmus at LSE is based within the Student Services Centre.  Unlike in the majority of institutions, the Erasmus Coordinators have the dual roles of managing the international student immigration advice provision as well as administering Eramus + activities.The Erasmus Coordinators do not approve bilateral agreements. 

When the rationale and  supporting information listed is received by the Erasmus Coordinators, the request for a bilateral agreement will be sent to our Academic Partnerships team for consideration.  If there are no further queries, it will be presented to the Pro-director for Teaching and Learning for final approval.

The bilateral agreement will be drafted after final approval.  Agreements are required to be signed by the School Secretary as the legal signatory for Erasmus + at LSE.  Any bilateral agreements signed by departmental contacts will not be considered as valid for grant purposes.

What level of exchanges take place at LSE?

The majority of Erasmus exchanges at the LSE take place at Masters and PhD level.

At present we only have one Erasmus exchange at undergraduate level at the LSE. We currently have no plans to expand our Erasmus exchanges at this level.

Full details of our current agreements can be found here.

Does the LSE accept Erasmus freemovers?

We do not currently accept Erasmus freemovers.

Is the LSE funding exchanges to partner countries?

The LSE does not currently fund exchanges to Erasmus + partner countries.

Who can I contact for more information?

The Erasmus Coordinators at LSE are:

  • Bethan Ovens - International Student Immigration Service Manager
  • Laura Dyson - Senior International Student Immigration Adviser

You can contact the team by completing our query form.