Who's who

The LSE Office for University of London International Programmes Team

A large number of academic and administrative staff from LSE, colleges of the University of London and other universities work together to create and develop degrees, syllabuses, study materials and examinations for the UoL International Programmes, ensuring that they meet the University of London's standards.

The LSE Office for UoL International Programmes team, below, co-ordinate and support these efforts. They are:

John Ferrá - Deputy Director of the University of London International Programmes at LSE

John manages the EMFSS programmes and is responsible for the LSE office for University of London International Programmes including financial management, operational, governance and quality assurance processes.

Contact details: 020 7107 5327, j.ferra@lse.ac.uk|

Dr Jan Stockdale – Dean of the University of London International Programmes at LSE. 

As Dean, Jan is responsible for overseeing the academic direction and management of the EMFSS programmes at the LSE. She chairs the International Programmes Board, which is the main committee dealing with matters concerning the University of London International Programmes at the LSE, and is also Chair of the University’s Quality Assurance and Student Life Cycle subcommittee.

Contact details: 020 7955 6060, j.stockdale@lse.ac.uk|

Lynne Roberts - Head of Learning and Teaching

Lynne is responsible for overseeing the learning and teaching strategy for the EMFSS programmes.  Lynne previously worked in the LSE’s Teaching and Learning Centre and has experience of developing and delivering different teaching and study support sessions and tools in a variety of environments.  Lynne is also Programme Coordinator for the International Foundation Programme, launched in 2013-14 and delivered through approved teaching institutions.

Contact details: 020 7955 6862, a.l.roberts@lse.ac.uk|

Chris New -  Educational Developer

Chris takes on an active role in the development and day-to-day delivery of educational development actitivies, including teacher-training, student support and the VLE. He provides appropriate and high-quality consultancy to academics and academic support departments at institutions.

Contact details: 020 3486 2607, c.new@lse.ac.uk|

Sarah Douglas - Publications and Projects Co-ordinator

Sarah's role involves the review of the curriculum and syllabuses, review and development of subject guides and other materials which support UoL International Programmes students, and organises London-based events at LSE. 

Contact details: 020 7955 6503, s.k.douglas@lse.ac.uk|

Simon Jolly  - Examinations and Finance Officer

Simon is responsible for the processes involved in the examinations conducted by LSE for UoL International Programmes.

Contact details: 020 7955 7613, s.jolly@lse.ac.uk|

Tom Bates - Office Administrator

Tom provides administrative support for the LSE office for UoL International Programmes with a particular emphasis on providing support for student enquiries.

Contact details: 020 7955 7768, T.W.Bates@lse.ac.uk|

Craig Summerton - Online Learning Support Development Officer 

Craig is responsible for managing and administering the educational resources within the Moodle Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) for the EMFSS programmes offered by the UoL International Programmes and he provides frontline support (other than for purely technical enquiries) for students, teaching institutions and course developers.

Contact details
: 020 7107 5226, c.summerton@lse.ac.uk|

Academic Co-ordinators

A team of twelve LSE academics work with the Office as Degree Co-ordinators. Their main responsibility is to help ensure that academic standards in the degrees are maintained at the same level as degrees taken by internal students at LSE. Other responsibilities include reviewing degree structures, syllabuses and subject guides, and proposing subject guide authors and examiners.

All student administration for UoL International Programmes (including admissions, continuing registration, examination entries and transcripts) is carried out by the University of London|