Methods of study

University of London International Programmes are designed with flexibility in mind. Each course is designed in order for students to study independently or as part of a small group thus enabling students to gain a prestigious award at a pace that suits them and to manage their studies to fit in with their own schedule and responsibilities.

Studying independently

 To succeed as an independent student, you will need to:

  • be strongly motivated, well-organised, focused and determined
  • take full and active responsibility for organising your work and pacing yourself
  • be prepared to dedicate at least 35 hours per week for approximately 38 weeks of the year if you intend to complete the maximum of four courses in any one year.
  • have the support from your family, friends and colleagues.

 Saroj Maistry

Although the University does not provide personal one-to-one tuition, University of London International Programmes students are welcome to apply to attend the LSE Summer School| to support your studies.

The University of London staff can help with administrative queries. If you have any questions of an academic nature, you will be able to contact the LSE office for University of London International Programmes, but please remember (especially if you intend to study independently) that staff at the LSE cannot engage in active or regular contact or tuition.

Studying at an institution


For many undergraduate courses, students may choose to enrol for additional educational support at a local institution|, where one is available and at an additional cost. By enrolling at a local institution, students may benefit from the interaction with fellow students and the more formalized academic support that this provides. Many students study independently for part of the time, but then choose to attend classes at a local institution for some subjects.

All University of London International Programmes students studying by themselves or at an institution must register with the University of London.

You should apply to the University of London and wait for confirmation that you are eligible to register before enrolling with an institution. It is a good idea to explore what is available to you locally and the costs involved before submitting your application to the University of London. A checklist| is available to help you before enrolling with an institution. The University of London International Programmes website has a list of institutions that are actively teaching University of London International Programmes, see teaching institutions|.

Note: The International Foundation Programme| MUST be studied at an institution approved to teach the International Foundation Programme, see the list here|

The Diploma in Economics| or the Diploma in Social Sciences| MUST be studied at a recognised Diploma-teaching institution|.

Synchronous online classes

Hibernia College, Dublin are offering online tuition for the Bsc Business, Bsc Business and Management and Graduate Diploma in Management and also for the following courses:

  • MN1107 Introduction to Business and Management
  • EC1002 Introduction to Economics
  • ST104A Statistics 1
  • MT105A Maths 1
  • SC1021 Principles of Sociology
  • AC3059 Financial Management
  • MN3075 Human Resource Management
  • MN3141 Principles of Marketing

For more information, including fees and start dates, please contact| or +353 (0)1 661 0168.

Western International College (WINC) is a University of London Affiliate Centre in the UAE and plan to offer flexible & synchronous online classes to independent learners enrolled on the University of London International Programmes. For more information see:|

Support for your studies

LSE Summer school

LSE runs two three-week Summer Schools each year, usually from early July to mid-August. You are welcome to join the schools, which offer a range of intellectually stimulating and academically challenging courses designed to allow students, academics and professional people to undertake a period of intensive study in areas of interest to them. Attending the Summer School does not count towards your final assessment but can be beneficial to your programme of study.

More information can be found, here|.

University law courses

The University also offers a one-day Induction course held in London in September and a series of Intensive weekend courses (in November, December, March and April). These are aimed principally at students studying for the LLB, but may also be of interest if you intend to study any law courses as part of your degree or diploma.

More information can be found, here|.