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Internationally recognised degree

  • High academic standards - the same stringent academic standards apply to all University of London degrees, whether students are taught internally at LSE or study individually at a distance. More information, here.
  • Course development - LSE academics develop course structure and content, subject guides and other study materials to reflect internal standards.

    Alexander Petrov

  • Examinations - LSE academics set and mark the examinations to the same standards as are applied at LSE. More information, here.
  • Professional and academic success - many students from these degrees have achieved professional and academic success.
  • Further study - many graduates from the University of London International programmes have gained places on Masters and PhD programmes at LSE and other universities in the UK.

Nadeesha Nanatakkara

  • Transfer to LSE - degree and diploma students have successfully transferred to the second year of degree courses at LSE and other universities in the UK. More information can be found, here.

Msc Graduation

Pictured: University of London International Programmes Alumni, Cameron Paige is awarded an MSc Sociology (Research) from LSE.

 Read Cameron's blog post, 'How I was Successful', here|.