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Flexible and accessible study

University of London International Programmes are designed with flexibility in mind. Each course is designed for students to study independently or as part of a small group. This enables students to gain a prestigious award at a pace that suits them, and to manage their studies to fit in with their own schedule and responsibilities. No need to attend university: The University of London International Programmes are ideal for those with family commitments, or a job they don't want to leave, and for those who don't want to leave their home country.

  • Flexible timescale: Manage your time and organise your studies around your home or work commitments as you wish. The minimum and maximum times for completion of the University of London International Programmes with academic direction provided by LSE are as follows:
  • Bsc Graduate entry route: 2-8 years (Except Bsc Development & Economics,  Bsc Economics, Bsc Economics & Finance and Bsc Information Systems and Management as they have a three year minimum registration period).
  • Flexible methods of study: You decide how to study, whether you work independently, in a small group or enrol at a local institution that offers tuition for the programme. More information here.

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  • Flexible entry: As long as you have formal university entrance qualifications, there is no competition for admission since there is no restriction on the numbers who may register.

The entrance requirements can be found on each of the relevant programme pages.

You can find a list of qualifications considered for entrance by country, here.

If you do not have formal university entrance qualifications you may consider taking the International Foundation Programme which is equivalent in standard to qualifications studied in year 13 in a UK school (e.g. ‘A’ levels). When you successfully complete the programme you will gain guaranteed entry to an LSE-directed degree offered by the University of London International Programmes

You MUST study for this programme at one of our teaching centres that have been approved to provide teaching and support for this programme.

For further information, see the University of London website:

International Foundation Programme

  • Opportunity to change your degree: If your interests change, you can choose to change your degree programme by simply informing the University of London.
  • Transfer opportunities: Degree and diploma students may be able to transfer to the second year of a degree course at the LSE or other Universities in the UK, though this is NOT automatic. More information can be found here.

Those who successfully complete the International Foundation Programme may also apply to study for an undergraduate degree from the first year stage at LSE or for a degree programme offered by other universities, both in the UK and elsewehere.

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 Students need to be self-motivated and enjoy working independently to successfully meet the challenges of studying with the University of London International Programmes. Many students find it a rewarding and enriching experience, and one that gives a real sense of achievement.



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