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About the LSE-KBTU Project

In 2005, the London School of Economics| (LSE) and the Kazakh-British-Technological-University| (KBTU) came together to form the International School of Economics and Social Sciences| (ISE), under the heading of the LSE-KBTU Project. The purpose of this joint venture has been to twofold: first, to prepare and educate a cohort of individuals who are well acquainted with the language and practice of economics, business and finance; and, second, to build a centre of ‘academic excellence’ where teaching is predominantly research-led and where academics are engaged with the international discourse in their subjects.

The ISE project creates an ambitious programme, designed in collaboration with the London School of Economics. It combines a curriculum consistent with the standards of the University of London International Programmes| and that are fully in compliance with Kazakh state criteria.  The curriculum includes a 4-year education, with first year students completing Advanced Placement| examinations in order to be eligible to continue on to degrees offered by the University of London International Programmes in their second year. Graduates of the ISE are eligible to earn one of two awards: a degree from the University of London, in addition to a diploma awarded by KBTU and ISE, and recognised by the Ministry of Education and Science in Kazakhstan.

All applicants to ISE are required to pass a demanding entrance examination before being admitted to the Advanced Placement year, where they study Calculus, Statistics, Macroeconomics and Microeconomics. For students who are successful on the AP examinations ISE currently offers two University of London Programmes: BSc in Economics and Finance|, and the BSc in Economics and Management|.

ISE is committed to fostering an internationally engaged research environment and to that end it seeks to recruit academics with PhDs from recognised Western universities. ISE currently has the following full-time staff:

Professor Stanislav Kharin|

Professor Kairat Mynbayev| (Sabbatical)

Alisher Aldashev|, Ph.D. in Economics

Daniil Osipov|, Ph.D. in Business Administration

In addition, ISE has a large faculty of part-time staff.

The work of ISE is supported by two LSE Co-Directors:

Amos Witztum

Professor Amos Witztum
London School of Economics  |

Martin Anthony

Professor Martin Anthony
Department of Mathematics
London School of Economics  |