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Individual programmes

LSE Custom Programmes designs programmes for individuals at the top of their professional career

The programme will be tailored to your specific needs

Who do we work with?

Each year, LSE Custom Programmes undertakes a small number of programmes organised and designed for individuals who are facing interesting and unique career challenges.

How are the programmes structured?

The programme will be tailored to your specific needs, and will be balanced with your time constraints, challenges and responsibilities.

What sort of topics could be covered?

Topics span from LSE's full range of disciplines, and can include subjects such as management, economics, finance, politics, law, and public policy.

What benefits are there for the individual?

  • LSE is one of the foremost social science universities in the world
  • You will be taught by members of LSE's staff of world-renowned academics, gaining valuable knowledge and skills
  • These programmes are designed to fit around you and your schedule
  • LSE Custom Programmes is able to bring together a unique set of the most senior academic talents, allowing unique insight across subjects 
  • Individual programmes can give you an advanced level of understanding, so you can continue to excel in the future and solidify your success

How do I find out more about the process of creating a programme?

Contact us to see how we can create a unique programme just for you.

Client stories

See how LSE Custom Programmes has helped individuals like you achieve success.

Image of Houses of Parliament shadow, customised education for head of administration

Customised individual education programme for the Head of Administration

Read about how the Head of Administration from a developing country's Prime Minister's office gained valuable insights in public sector administration to take back to their home government.

Saw Swee Hock student centre image for individual custom programme client story

Individual education programme for the CEO of a leading industrial company

Discover how LSE Custom Programmes was able to create a bespoke programme for a company CEO, to enable his company to excel in the future.