Student studying ESAN Custom Programme

Programmes for foundations

LSE Custom Programmes is a knowledge partner for foundations seeking to develop talent in their region.

With topics from venture capital to business strategy, this week at LSE is a boost for our careers

Who do we work with?

Through a model of engagement with foundations and institutes, we have taught hundreds of young academics, policy makers, think-tank researchers and business analysts about the latest social science research from LSE. 

Our collaborators and partners include:

  • Fundación Rafael Del Pino
  • Fundación Ramon Areces 
  • Fundación Universidad Empresa

How are the programmes structured?

Student experience research-led teaching from academics at the forefront of their fields. Learning is student-centred and participatory, tailored to the participants’ expertise and background. 

What sort of topics could be covered?

Topics span LSE’s full range of disciplines. Topics covered in various past programmes have included: Economics for management; organisation of firms; organisational behaviour; firms, markets and the rise of emerging economies; the US and Europe: Before and after the financial crisis; climate change; and the future of Europe.

How long are the programmes?

The client stories below show programmes from between three and five days in length.  

What benefits are there for the participants and their organisations?

  • LSE is one of the foremost social science universities in the world
  • You will be taught by members of LSE's staff of world-renowned academics, gaining valuable knowledge and skills
  • Building skills and intellectual frameworks
  • You can take the knowledge absorbed from LSE and impart it back to your home country, multiplying the impact of your individual training and experience
  • Exchange of knowledge and perspective with other successful candidates

How do I find out more about the process of creating a programme for my organisation?

Contact us to find out how we can create a programme for your foundation.

Client stories

See how LSE Custom Programmes has helped foundations like yours achieve success.

LSE image for building leadership capacity in academia client story

Building leadership capacity in academia

Read about the students who are taking their knowledge back to Spain, multiplying the impact of their individual training and experience. 

St Pauls London view for LSE masterclass for young leaders client story

LSE Masterclass for Young Leaders in Business

Discover the range of activities included in this five-day special programme, designed for high-achieving graduates. 

Madrid sign for LSE masterclass in social sciences client story

The LSE Masterclasses in Social Sciences

Find out how this Fundación Ramón Areces sponsored masterclass tailored its programme for young professionals and researchers.