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About LSE Custom Programmes

Our client list includes UK and foreign government departments; international organisations; major business; and financial & professional services organisations

LSE Custom Programmes designs and delivers customised executive education world-wide, allowing our global partners to receive an LSE education experience, tailored to their needs and requirements.

Knowledge and expertise

The programmes draw on the knowledge and expertise of LSE academics and from all disciplines of expertise at LSE. This enables the delivery of programmes to a very high standard and impact.

Customisation and flexibility

By facilitating customisation and flexibility, LSE Custom Programmes is able to precisely match the requirements of clients. Furthermore, the delivery team have a wide breadth of expertise in managing the programmes and ensuring client satisfaction. We ensure an efficient management of projects, which have a long-lasting impact on the participants and their organisation.

Global reach

LSE Enterprise is truly representative of LSE’s multicultural and global reach. It has its headquarters in London, with an office in Madrid, senior executives in Latin America and Asia, and collaborators around the world. The company’s global location allows for a wide reach and the ability to deliver programmes for clients all over the world.

Client satisfaction

We have been able to deliver a wide variety of programmes to renowned institutions in both public and private sectors, which has provided us with the knowledge and ability to ensure programme effectiveness and client satisfaction.