Next steps

Once we have received your application you will receive an email acknowledgement. This email will include your unique LSE ID number as well as details of how to contact us if necessary. Your application will then be passed to the Selectors for assessment.

Your application will only be considered for the programme, year and point of entry stated on your application form. If you have accidentally chosen the incorrect year, point of entry or programme you should contact the School and UCAS immediately. You cannot amend your application once a decision has been made.

General Information

The School makes admissions decisions based solely on the information presented on the application form. Therefore we will not consider any additional academic references, examples of academic work, testimonials or other supporting documents.

Make a note of your LSE ID number and use it when checking your status and in all correspondence with the Undergraduate Admissions office, including by telephone.

Important note - you should also inform us of any changes to your contact details, qualification information or subject combination immediately. Find out how to contact us.

Tracking your application

We aim to keep you fully informed of the progress of your application through UCAS Track, and by publishing on our website any details of events that may have had an impact on application processing times.

As soon as a final decision has been made on your application, we will notify you via UCAS. If you wish to check whether a decision has been made, you may track your application using the UCAS Track service.

We aim to make all decisions on applications by the UCAS deadline of 31 March, this is only for applications submitted on time and by 15 January. Each year we receive in the region of 17,000 applications and while we appreciate that you would like to receive our decision as soon as possible, there will inevitably be a number of applicants who will not receive their decision until 31 March.

Applicants will receive regular update emails, advising them of the current status of their application and when they can expect a decision. We recommend that students refer to these emails and the information above if they are unsure of the status of their application.

  • To see the current status of your application, go to UCAS Track – this information is linked directly to our computer system. What you see here is the same information we hold centrally. If you need to advise us of a change of address, you should contact UCAS.
  • Telephone +44 (0)20 7955 7125 either to speak to a member of the Undergraduate Admissions team Monday to Friday 9.00am-4.00pm (UK time).
  • All of your personal data is kept confidential, and we are not able to discuss your application with any third party unless specifically nominated by you on your UCAS application form

Application stages

LSE receives a high volume of applications each year for a limited number of spaces. Each application is carefully considered by our Undergraduate Selectors before a final decision is made. We estimate that the assessment process can take up to twelve weeks, although some decisions will be made sooner, and some decisions may take slightly longer. We provide timeframes below, but please note that these are for guidance purposes only. LSE complies with the UCAS deadline of 31 March for making all decisions.

Our admissions process has several stages:

Application Stages
Stage Description Time frame
 Initial Assessment Your application is reviewed to ensure your academic
qualifications (predicted/achieved) meet the entry
requirements for the programme to which you have
applied, and your personal statement is assessed.
Following this assessment, your application will
either be put forward for further consideration, or
you will receive an unsuccessful decision.
Two - three weeks
Competitive Assessment Your application is further assessed in competition
with other applicants in your cohort. Following
consideration by the Admissions Selector, you
will either receive a decision on your application
or be placed in the Gathered Field.
Roughly eight weeks
Gathered Field Your application is being held for further consideration
to compare further alongside applicants for the programme. There is intense competition for many of our courses
which means the Selector may wish to look at your
application again in light of later UCAS forms we receive.
All decisions will be made by 31 March
Undergraduate Admissions Assessment LSE requires students who study certain
qualifications to complete the UGAA before
a final decision can be made on their application.
Only the most competitive students with these
qualifications are invited to sit the assessment.

Qualifications which require the UGAA
More information about the UGAA
Early March

Changing programme 

Any offer of admission that the School issues to you is only valid for the specific programme for which it is made. Where an applicant has applied to multiple programmes, they will only be eligible to receive one offer. It is not LSE policy to make more than one offer to applicants in the same admissions cycle.

You can only request a programme substitution if one of the following conditions applies:

  • you have not yet received a decision from LSE (in which case it is a relatively straightforward substitution of one programme for another)
  • you have been unsuccessful on the programme to which you originally applied BUT you have not used all your five programme choices (in which case it is an additional programme choice)

Please note, however, that it is not possible for us to re-consider your application in the same admissions cycle for a programme for which you have already been unsuccessful that year. Neither is it possible for you to make a substitution if you have already been rejected by LSE for your original programme choice and you have used all your five programme choices.

If you satisfy the above criteria you should submit your application via UCAS before 15 January and your application will be considered alongside all other on-time applicants for that programme. If your request to change programme arrives after 15 January, your application will be classed as late. Once this programme change has been made and a decision issued, you cannot then revert back again to your original choice.